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unable to call voicemail port

I installed unity 4.01 integration with callmanager 3.2.

Call forwarding to voiceboxes works when the caller is internal.

When the call comes from outside the Voice network forwording the call to voiceboxes does´t work, but the call is able to call to the voiceports.

Could someone please help me by explaining where the problem could lie.

How can I change between 711 to 729 Codecs in Untiy?


Re: unable to call voicemail port

Do you get fast busy when you are forwarded to voice mail or dead air?

Did you want change the codec that Unity uses to record messages or do you want to change the codec used between Unity and other ends points such as phones and gateways?

CallManager regions control the codec used to communicate with other end points.

The Setrecordformat.exe utility is used to change the codec that Unity records messages in. It’s found on the Unity server in \commserver\utilties\

Hope that helps,


Community Member

Re: unable to call voicemail port

Thank You Keith.

I looked in the trace file and saw the problem.

The outside call comes in with G711alaw

but the unity server doesn´t understand that.

When I select G711ylaw for outside callers on the gateway than it works,

but we need G711alaw communication.

For internal communication the callmanager uses G711 ylaw, so Voicemail works.

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