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Unable to delete subscriber

Can anyone help with this problem Please

Some how I have ended up with a couple of subscribers coming up with the error " Unable to load the call handler associated with subscriber ama013.

The subscriber's data is incomplete and the subscriber is therefore


I have tried to delete them and it looks like it has but a search still show them there.

So I am stuck I can't delete or add

We are running 3.1.4 with exch 5.5


Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to delete subscriber

Sounds like these subscibers were failed import attempts or something similiar, does that sound right? If the primary call handler didn't get created because the import failed before it was complete, you'd see something like this.

The only way to fix it is to pop open SQL, go to the Subscriber table in UnityDB and delte the row that contains that subscriber. Be sure you get the right ones, there's no undo here. The you'll need to clean the Unity extensions off the mail users for those folks in Exchange 5.5... open it in raw mode and remove the Voice Mail User ID and the custom attributes #12 and #14. Then things should be clean.

It'd be interesting to know why the import for these folks failed, assuming that's the case...

Community Member

Re: Unable to delete subscriber

Thanks for the reply

I have done as you said and it has worked . Thanks

This was not caused by a import but was caused by simpily try to delete the account with the big red X and failing.

Worked a lot of times before and after .


Community Member

Re: Unable to delete subscriber

I'm having the same errors with a subscriber and would like to perform the actions Jeff suggested, but I am needing some more detailed guidence as to how I actually get to the UnityDB and such.

Re: Unable to delete subscriber

Hello -

From your Unity server or terminal services,

1. Go to Start - Programs - Microsoft SQL Server - Enterprise Manager

2. In the MMC, left panel, expand the + signs to get to your server name, which is under Micrsoft SQL Servers - SQL Server Group

3. Expand folder Databases

4. Expand database UnityDb

5. Click on Tables

6. Right-click on table Subscriber, select Open Table, then select Return all rows

7. The second row is Alias. You can browse this column for the subscriber you want to delete or create a SQL query to locate within the table. Highlight the subscriber, then right-click and select Delete. This is a permanent and immediate change as mentioned in Jeff's note.

Regards, Ginger

Community Member

Re: Unable to delete subscriber

Ok for starters I'm still running version, and I had my Exchange admin look for this database and we don't have it or SQL. So is this db just a 3.X thing and if so where should I look in 2.4.6 to fix this same issue? BTW we are looking on the Unity server.

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