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Unable to dial CTI Rte. Point from AA menu direct

I have not been able to enable transferring from the opening gtg in Unity to a non-subscriber mbx - in this case a CTI route point. I have to define a subscriber mbx in addition to the call handler that allows me to choose option 1 or 2. See below:<br><br>opening gtg choices:<br>1 2<br>CTI route point 2850 CTI RP 2860<br><br>I can dial 1 or 2 and get transferred, but I cannot dial 2850 or 2860 without defining a subscriber mbx. Is this working as designed or am I missing something?<br>Miguel<br><br>

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Re: Unable to dial CTI Rte. Point from AA menu direct

Yes it is working as designed. Unity will only let you go from the outside caller conversations to a number that it recognizes as a Unity susbscriber.
In a future release of Unity, we hope to have a feature called sytem transfer that will let you create a call handler that can transfer calls to any extension typed in by a subscriber as long as it is not restricted. It will do blind transfer to these numbers.

Anil Verma
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