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Unable to Enter Specified Mail Box for Incoming Calls Transferred fm IPIVR

We have an IPIVR system implemented with a call flow. An option was developed in the call flow that will transfer incoming calls to the first of a group of IP phones with call forward functions configured in Call Manager (these IP phones were configured in such a way that the first one will forward the incoming call to the second if the first is busy or no answer. The second will transfer the call to the third if busy or no answer and so on. Until all phones are busy or no answer, the calls will fall into a specified mail box to leave messages). Here came a problem!!! When more than one call was forwarded to the last phone at the same time when it was busy or no answer, the first of the calls could enter the preset mail box while the others could not. The callers would hear the unity general greeting ¡§Welcome to unity message system, ¡K¡¨. But the problem did not occur when the calls were not transferred from IPIVR, that is, if the calls were dialed directly to the first of the group of above phones. The problem seems to occur when IPIVR is integrated into the call forward path.

Could anyone tell me the way to solve the above problem?


Re: Unable to Enter Specified Mail Box for Incoming Calls Transf

Hello -

We have this working in our agency - IPCC Express 3.1, CallManager 3.3(3), and Unity 3.1(5) - rather than forward the IP phones to a specific voicemail extension, create a CTI route point in CallManager. The CTI DN is an internal number that is not dialable from an outside caller. It has a voicemail profile that specifies the Unity server and all calls are forwarded to voicemail (in the Call forward and pickup settings of the DN). This CTI route point is the extension of a Unity call handler. The message recipient of the call handler is a subscriber (in our case the subscriber is a shared inbox that is viewed from several employees' Outlook so that they can handle the messages as a team). But the voicemail messages could be routed to just a single subscriber.

Hope this example helps! Ginger

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