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Unable to forward into voicemail (with more detail)

Running Unity with a Centrex system. We used to be able to forward a caller directly into voicemail by placing the caller on hold, then dialing Unity (which takes you to sign-in), then pressing * (which used to take you to opening greeting), then entering the extension and hanging (which effectively takes the caller directly to the voicemail). Since re-installing Unity (due to a baaaad experience with ADC) we have lost this ability. Now when we call Unity it asks for password, when you hit *, it asks for your ID. If you hit it a third time, it hangs up. Transfer is set up to go directly to the greeting. Any ideas how to get this back? I don't see "Sign-in" listed under the call handlers, so how do I change the * to go to the opening greeting?

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Re: Unable to forward into voicemail (with more detail)

You asked this question on another thread and I responded a few days ago - not sure if you're looking for a better answer or didn't want to continue that thread or what...

There's a couple of ways to handle this - short story I believe you can hit "#" when it asks for the ID and that takes you to the subscriber sign in - that changed along the way (I didn't think till 3.x).

You have a number of other ways to handle this - here's links to a few tech tips that discuss your options:

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Re: Unable to forward into voicemail (with more detail)

Apologies, Jeff. I thought from the previous thread that you need more information. I provided more but didn't see a reply and thought you might have missed it.

I can't access those links you provided. I sent an email to to see if they can give me access.

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Re: Unable to forward into voicemail (with more detail)

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