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Unable to import subscriber via SAweb

Unity 3.13, E2k-sp3.

I rebooted the unity server a week ago due to other issues and do not know if after the reboot Unity SAweb was working for importing subscribers. It was working prior to the reboot. We are not able to import subscribers at this point.

All I get is skinnies for the drop down lists.

I checked for connectivity to the GC listed under HKLM\Software\Active Voice\Directory Connectors\... I also checked for connectivity to the exchange 2000 bridgehead server unity is configured to connect to. Using the unity admin account I was able to make modifications to an AD object.

Any other ideas?

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Re: Unable to import subscriber via SAweb

It's actually not the Unity admin account that's going to be the security context used for the modifying of an AD user. It's going to the the account that the AvDSAD service is running as; that's the account you'd want to make sure can modify the user object.

It might not even be a security issue.

Can you set all of the AvDsGlobalCatalog traces, reproduce the problem, gather the traces from that AvDsGlobalCatalog file and post them? I can take a look.

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Re: Unable to import subscriber via SAweb

This is all I got:

2003-01-28 15:34:56,AvLogMgrSvr_MC,10007,-1,-1,diag file opened




I brought up the SA, subscribers, click on the plus to add. Used the asterich and a specific alias to look up and all I got is the above traces.

The unity admin account is the same account used to run the AVDSAD and AvDsGlobalCatalog.

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