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Unable to remove users from Public Distribution Lists

When trying to remove a user from the DL through SA, the user can't be removed from the member list.

The applog throws this error:

Failed removing directory object CN=SWilkins,CN=Users,DC=voice,DC=mutualdistributing,DC=com from CN=Charlotte Sales and Supervisors3e1c315f,CN=Users,DC=voice,DC=mutualdistributing,DC=com. Reason: LDAP_UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM.

Looking at the DL in Active Directory appears to show that the user was already removed.

Any ideas on a fix or on re-synching the distribution list ?

This is a voicemail only server with Ex2K and AD running on the same box as Unity.



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Re: Unable to remove users from Public Distribution Lists

Hi there,

I am having similar symptom. Does anyone know why Unity creates these "alias groups"? I thought the import from AD will keep the directory simple by using a single group.

For some reason, the removal of objects is always problematic as they seem to show up in the "alias group" after deletion from the main group. I still experienced this last week when a user was removed from a distribution list but still showed up in the address book. What makes this even stranger is the fact that both Unity and Exchange reflected the change to the main DL. The user in question was however still in the "alias group"

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