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New Member

Unable to turn off TTS

I have Unity with TTS. When I try to turn off TTS for a particular subscriber by putting the subscriber into a non-TTS class of service Unity still read the email message when a new voice message arrives. However, once the voice message has been read Unity does not read the email anymore.

Avcsmgr version with Exchange 5.5 SP4. Is this a bug or have I done something wrong.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to turn off TTS

Are you sure you don't mean it's just telling you your email _count_ when the subscriber signs in? Unity will still give you your email and voice mail counts even if they don't have TTS turned on if you tell it to - this is adjusted on the conversation page in the SA/AA web pages (or via BulkEdit if you need to change it for groups of users).

If Unity is actually _reading_ the email out for users that are in a COS that does not have TTS enabled that's a bug - although not one we've heard of at this point.

New Member

Re: Unable to turn off TTS

Apparently it is not actually reading the email message, but it is reading something like

three ... a receipt .... left today at ..... (I press hash to skip)

four ... a receipt ..... left yesterday at .....

I have deselected the check box " Announce total number of new messages" and "Announce total number of saved messages" in the conversation page and press save but the change did not take effect. Do I have to wait before the change takes effect?

Is there a way to make Unity only recognises and announce the number of new and saved voice messages only and not fax, email etc... once TTS has been removed?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to turn off TTS

ah... the reciepts thing... that makes sense.

In Unity 3.x and earlier this is actually expected behavior but you can change it system wide - it was done this way so phone only users could get receipt notification as well so it defaults to playing all receipts as part of the voice message stack.

In the Advanced Settings Tool there's an option to "Exclude Return Receipts from voice mail stack" you can turn on which will stop this for all subscribers in the system. However, be aware that NDRs will always be played in the voice mail stack no matter what, this just stops read and delivery receipts.

In Unity 4.0(1) and later the receipts are all in their own stack and users can control when they appear in the stack to help with this.

New Member

Re: Unable to turn off TTS

Are NDR's always going to arrear in the voice mail stack? I am running unity 4.0.3 and i am having this problem.



Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to turn off TTS

In 4.0(x) you can sort receipts (including NDRs) into their own spot in the stack on the conversation page in the SA - but NDRs will always appear somewhere in the stack over the phone. You can sort them to appear after all other voice messgages to avoid having to deal with them up front in the voice stack.

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