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If the Information Store has storage limits set up as prohibit send and receive for voice mail users, does a person leaving a message have any indication that the box is full and if not, does the message they leave go somewhere until the mailbox user cleans out some of their messages? We tested one site and it appears that the person leaving the message has no indication from Exchange or Unity that the box is full. The mailbox user does, but when they clear out messages they do not receive any new that have been left. Where do they go?? <br><br>


Re: Undeliverables

Just like if you send an email from Outlook, the sender doesn’t know if the recipient has reached their storage limit or not. We hand the message off to the MTA on our local box and it routes it to the home server of the user and that’s when it gets rejected/accepted and shot back to the sender.

In the case of a subscriber sending the message it just comes back as an NDR.

In the case of an outside caller the message is sent on behalf of the Unity messaging system account. When the message bounces back to that account we forward it to the Undressed Messages distribution list which our setup creates. For this reason you need to be sure to have someone (an admin type presumably) monitoring that DL. By default the Example Administrator is the only member of this DL… this is why our documentation hits on this several times.

You’ll need to open a message profile for the Example Administrator and fish those messages out.

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