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Unified Messaging delivery options

I am using Unity 3.x Unified messaging in a exising Exchange site, so all the mesage store is on the client's live Exchange server. What I would like is for the option of some subscribers to not get voice mails in email format while leaving others intact. This is due to the fact that the client has Citrix servers inhouse and some users use this as a means of checking emails and want to eliminate accidently deleting their voice mails off their inboxes and subsequently off their phones.

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Re: Unified Messaging delivery options

Currently there's no way to store voice mail messages (i.e. messages with the IPM.Note.Voice.Unity message class) in your inbox easily. We looked at tricky server side rules to make outlook consider these messages hidden such that they wouldn't display and that just doesn't work real well. We may come back to this later but for the moment if you've made a standing email user a Unity subscriber their voice mails are going to show up in their client interface regardless.

The only way around this is to create seperate mailboxes on Exchange for users that want voice mails seperated out. These mailboxes can be hidden in Outlook such that folks don't see them when addressing messages and the like. You can also use tools from the Customer Applications Team for migrating these voice mail only accounts over to standing email accounts if users decide to change their minds later (the Migrate User Data tool is the guy you're interested in for this).

Outside of that you don't have a lot of options other than training the user to not accidentally delete messages out of their inbox...

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