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Unified messaging problem


I’m working with Unity 3.0(4) in unified messaging but I’m having some troubles with that. Unity is working perfectly until some subscribers check their e-mail (most of them use Outlook XP), in that moment, the messages lamp from the phone turns off and they can’t hear the messages.

I think this happens because they download all their e-mail messages to their PC’s (they take out from the Exchange Server). So, the unity voice messages are now on the PC and not on the Exchange server. They let me know that I can’t change that policy because is a requirement established by the exchange users.

Do you have any idea of how solve this problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unified messaging problem

There really is no resolution to this problem. If they want to download all messages off the server to their local machines, Unity no longer has access to them... nothing we can do about it if they wont leave copies on the server.

The best I can suggest is this is not a site ready for Unified messaging and to setup seperate, hidden mailboxes that are used for voice messages only. Clearly, then, Unity wont be able to play email or deliver faxes etc... for them and they will not have access to voice mail messages in their inbox. It will be a basic voice mail only installation at that point.

Community Member

Re: Unified messaging problem

You should let them know that in addition to wasting their money on Unified Messaging,they are also disregarding the guidelines of an exchange store in terms of backup. It is possible for example that if the the corporate policy dictates the use of pop3 instead of mapi, that the users can leave a copy on the exchange store AND download a copy to the local hard drive. If disk space is an issue on the server set mailbox limits. It is unlikely that anyone can provide a valid technical explanation for why this policy exists that couldnt be resolved another way.

Whoever sold them unified messaging knowing of this policy should perhaps consider a career change in my opinion and if whomever sold it to them did not know of this may i say hmm... unusual(holding back) exchange configuration should research clients environments more carefully.


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