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unified messaging with Dominos


Unified messaging working fine expect some minor issues. Read many treads on this form relating to MWI. Tried to implement them as well. But, For some reason, certain users in the organization are stil having issues with MWI. It works in a very inconsisten way. Here is the application log for the user having the problem, any help would be highly appreciated. I have checked permissions on Dominos 5.0.10 and unity and they are right, engineering patches have been applied. unity 4.0.3

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: CiscoUnity_DominoMonitor

Event Category: Run

Event ID: 1006

Date: 11/25/2003

Time: 4:22:32 PM

User: N/A

Computer: UNITYSVR


Domino notification received for user not monitored:

user database=mail\c3896, user=, handler=unitynotifier6c6c655d, data=, event=CountChange 0x00000994

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Re: unified messaging with Dominos

we can see that the "user=" part in the event log is empty, which means that the owner field in the MailFile for this user is blank. This is a knows Lotus defect/feature. The solution is to open the mail file in Lotus Notes and set the Owner field to the subscriber.

Cisco Employee

Re: unified messaging with Dominos

In the Event log entry you pasted you'll notice a portion says "user=". Without a name listed for the user the Domino Monitor does not know who the notification is meant for. The most likely reason for this is that the owner of the mail database, c3896 in this case, is blank. It is the responsibility of Domino to fill in the database owner field and this usually occurs when the database is FIRST opened after creation. The database is then owned by the person to have first opened the database.

This issue is captured in DDTS entry CSCeb20635.

To fix the problem do the following:

1. Using Lotus Notes Client open the mail file.

2. Go to Tools -> Preferences and check "This mail file belongs to:"

field under User Configuration section.

3. Set "This mail file belongs to:" field to the Unity subscriber's name.

4. For Lotus DUCS to immediatley recognize this change, the following tell

"tell" commands must be entered in the Lotus Domino server console window where

the user's mail file is kept:

a) "tell ucadminp flush"

followed by

b) "tell ucadminp refresh"

note: the same effect of Step 4 will occur approximatley once per hour

automatically by Lotus DUCS.

One question: was the mail database in question created specifcally to be the message recipient of some call handler? If so, was the mail file created then a person record associated with that mail file imported into Unity before the mail database was ever opened??

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Re: unified messaging with Dominos

Thanks for your help!

Mail file permissions are correct. The mail accounts were created in domainos 5.0.10 and then right permissions were set for the mail files and then the accounts were imported into unity.

the problem still persists. we keep getting the same error messeages in the application even log.

I would like to mention that the accounts unity is complaining about do not have a PC associated with it. Those acconts are for users who only access voice mail through a phone and do not have a ducks associated with their account on their PC.

any ideas?


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