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Unified Presence 6.0 patch for MCS 7825-H2

just a questions: there is a link ( that talks about problem on using presence server 6.0 on MCS 7825-H2, and there is a workaround, but the work around refer only patch for unified comunication manager so my quiestion es this patch is the same to apply to unified presence or is there a different patch for it?


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Re: Unified Presence 6.0 patch for MCS 7825-H2

Hi Samuel,

I have to agree with you that this doc is ambiguous to say the least. That being said, I can't see being able to use these patches on a Presence Server :( This Bug is resolved in the latest release 6.0.2 for Presence;

CSCsj34597 Bug Details

CUP: 7825-H2 spontaneously reboots and hangs


Operators may experience system reboots and pauses or "hangs."

If a system reboots there will be no outward appearance of a problem, such as a Kernel Panic or core dump.

If the system "hangs" the operator may observe gaps in log file timestamps


Normal operating conditions.


None known at this time.

Further Problem Description:

If Hewlett-Packards Automatic Server Recovery (ASR) is enabled on the MCS-7825-H2 system, the operators may encounter system reboots that are basically "unexplainable" based on system log files, message logs, or security logs.

If the system is running with ASR enabled, gain access to the machine using the remote support login, and issue the >hplog -v and look in the resulting output for lines similar to:

[root@cups41 r3m0teSupp0rt]# hplog -v

ID Severity Initial Time Update Time Count


0000 Critical 22:52 05/07/2007 22:52 05/07/2007 0001

LOG: ASR Detected by System ROM

This will confirm if ASR was triggered and caused the reboot.

In the case where Hewlett-Packard's ASR is disabled the operator may experience periods of time where all processing on the machine stops. This includes writing to all log files regardless of the nature of the log, such as operating system logs or application logs.

When processing on the machine resumes, the operators may observe gaps in timestamps in the logs that correlate to the length of time the system was hung. The machine will appear ti "pick up where it left off," however, all time-sensitive connections, such as TCP, will have been timed-out if the pause was of sufficient length.

If the machine was being polled by an external system using Cisco's RTMT or any SNMP monitoring tool, the operators will observe failed polls while the machine in question was hung. These failed polls may begin to occur before the gap in the log timestamps, and the polls may be successful again before the logs start being updated again.

Resolved Caveats in 6.0.2;


One server experiences a reboot hang issue that is specific to the platform code in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This server is on New Product Hold.

Release Notes for Cisco Unified Presence Release 6.x

Hope this helps!


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Re: Unified Presence 6.0 patch for MCS 7825-H2

thanks for helping

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