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Uninstall Unity3.13

I couidn't import user from exchange database after I did uninstall unity 3.13 by the softaware I downloaded from answermonkey web site. It says the user already exists. Hoe can I solve this problem without delete users in exchange?Thanks<br><br>


Re: Uninstall Unity3.13

It shows you the user for import from Exchange and when you import it, it THEN says the user already exists (?!) That doesn't sound right... It would make sense if it didn't show you the user to import from Exchange. This would mean the custom attributes didn't get removed from the mail user account in AD or Ex55 (you didn't say which you were using on this system).

If it's AD/Ex2K you can use the Remove Subscriber Properties tool to clean standing users in Exchange of custom attributes. If it's Ex55 you need to open Exchange in raw mode (use the "-r" option on the Exchange administrator) and remove custom attributes 12 and 14 from the mail user in question.

If that's not the problem, I suspect the uninstall was not done cleanly and the SQL database for Unity was left around or this was a migration scenario or something else along those lines.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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