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Uninstalling Unity

UM 3.13, E2k

I have started the uninstall of Unity in our lab. It has been uninstalling for 5 hours. The lab replicates our production AD, about 20k objects. I have a handfull of the accounts subscribed to Unity.

I am redoing our lab design.

How long does it take to uninstall Unity?


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Re: Uninstalling Unity

Not that long... I suspect there's a problem with the process of removing properties from Unity objects for whatever reason - you can skip the removal of Unity properties and do it manually - this will just remove Unity from the server and leave subscriber properties alone - it's the check box at the top of the install.

Did you fetch the latest version of the uninstall off There were some bugs along these lines in the version of the uninstall that shipped with older 3.x versions - I'd have to see the logs to tell for sure, however...

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Re: Uninstalling Unity

Yes, I grabbed the latest version.

Thanks for the tip on the uninstall log. It was empty, So it never started. Looked at the event logs and determined that the services were not running. The unity account's password was changed, thus none of the services were running. Once I updated the services with the new password and restarted them, the uninstall worked like a charm, few minutes and it was done. Thanks again.


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