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New Member

Unity Upgrade VM or UM

This customer wants to upgrade before they lose support. The invoices I see have the following.

1 - 16 Port Unity Voice Mail

1 - Third Party FAX Integration (not Used)

100 - Seats ViewMail

2 - Text to Speach

Called 800GOCisco and They don't know If this is UM or VM Upgrade.

The Customer wants to do Win2k and Exchange 5.5 on a seperate Server leaving the existing server alone.

Second Question: If this is VM or UM and they purchased the Licenses from Active Voice do I also have to purchase a User License upgrade for Each from 2.x to 3.x UM or is the Upgrade just a Unity Version/Session and It would be up to the User to have legal Paper Licenses for the User Count. I know this is a Tech Sales type of question but Im not getting Answers from any other source.

Thanks, for Any help you can give...


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Upgrade VM or UM

Determining if you need VM or UM licenses is real easy.

Are the users going to be able to access voice messages from their desktop email client? If so, this is UM. If they are only accessing messages from over the phone and they do not appear in their email client at the desktop then it's a VM license.

New Member

Re: Unity Upgrade VM or UM

Thanks for the Quick response... What they would like to do is install as VM now functionally ...

If they own Active voice licenses equal to UM then they would move to UM when the Exchange 2000 Production Environment is fully functional... I understand all the issues with moving to UM from VM.. Reinstall.. hehe... not a problem. It becomes more of a licensing issue... I needed to understand that this (ViewMail) product that the customer purchased was VM or UM to do the Proper licensing for them.... If they own the equivlent to UM and then upgrade to 3.1VM only then the cost to Move to UM would be alot greater later on.

What your saying is the Customer has a choice right now... Upgrade your product 2.x to VM or UM... How we install now is on a standalone system...

Later if they want to move to UM they have to Purchase VM to UM Upgrade...

My issue is the Customer is saying they own 2.x UM but had it installed functionally as a VM only system and If they Upgrade to 3.x We should be quoting then UM... With the Information I gave you about the 2.3 Viewmail and Text to Speech licenses, is the old license equal to UM... not based on the installation/functionality from the client.... but the product license..

Thanks again, I hate to be a pain....


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Upgrade VM or UM

they have VMO licenses now as you noted in the first post, that should be considered a UM license configuration - however this is a board for technical questions, not sales related items and there may be licensing changes between 2.x and 3.x that were put in place I'm not pivvy to. They changed from unlimited seats and just doign ports to pricing by seats and ports between 2.x and 3.x and I can't say what that does to the UM/VM assumptions on their current license.

This is a question for an account team...

New Member

Re: Unity Upgrade VM or UM

I understand, Thank you so much for you time!