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had to restore because of drive failure where exchange db was stored and lost some call handlers.

I need to get this system up to 3.1 in 30days.

Is it possible to get the Services Pack to upgrade the system to

The version supports the Import/Export utilities from what I have been able to find out.

The Unity system uses a Dialogic Bb. to communicate with the PBX, Im looking at a completly new Server to replace this one I was hoping I didn't have to recreate everything from scratch on the new 3.1 system


Larry Whitlock

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity

You can run the dbExport on 2.3.4 102 - the 104 was just the oldest version I tested against at the time I posted it. There weren't any DB changes or the like that would cause problems between 102 and 104.

However, if some of your call handlers are lost I suspect your DB is going to be in bad shape - be sure to run dbWalker off the 2.x page on AnswerMonkey and work through it until you get a reasonably clean run. The export/import process will fail miserably if you try backing up a damaged system and then restoring the data onto a clean install of 3.x...

Community Member

Re: Unity

thank you!

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