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Unity 2.4.6 126 Patch Install Issue

When trying to patch a 2.4.6 102 / TSP 32 Unity, the<br> patch installer prompts for a lone language, the port<br> it can find LDAP on (2015), announces it is shutting<br> down Unity, appears to begin to shut down Unit services,<br> and proceeds to quit with the explanation of, the patch<br> has not been successfully installed, try again. . .<br><br> If you do try to install the patch without reloading,<br> the patch installer seems to stall.<br><br> Rebooting the box does not clear up the issue.<br><br> Nothing in the event viewer indicates why the first<br> attempt aborts.<br><br> Ideas?<br><br> The TSP 32 update went without a hitch. . .<br><br> Environment:<br><br> NT 4.0 running on a MCS server with SP6a, and recent<br> security updates (as of July 8th) for NT. Exchange 5.5<br> is loaded with SP4 only.<br><br> The CM that Unity is attached to is a single server, <br> running 3.0.8.<br><br>--- ----- ---<br><br><br><br>


Re: Unity 2.4.6 126 Patch Install Issue

It doesn't say why it's exiting? Just bails out on you? You sure you got your LDAP port right? If Unity is running be sure to use the one we're connected to (I've had several folks mix and match LDAP port numbers among multiple servers in the Exchange site and end up trying to use the wrong one).

Search the drive for a file called TEMPU.LOG (this is generated by the setup application itself). This might tell us where it's bombing out. You can also look for the most recent DIAG_xxx.txt file in the Commserver\Logs directory and at the end (after doing the upgrade and having it fail) there should be some information in there as well if the migration server or something went south.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


Re: Unity 2.4.6 126 Patch Install Issue

Make sure the path to the folder with Unity patch doesn't have any spaces in it. I ran in to a similar issue at another site and that was the problem.


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Re: Unity 2.4.6 126 Patch Install Issue

Renaming the patch directory from "Unity Update"
to "Unity126" did the trick.


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