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UNITY - How Transfert is working !?


I'm a bit confuse .. And i need to understand somethings :

(CCM 3.2.2c No SP installed, UNITY, TSP 6.0.2b)

- Direct Call to UNITY Open Greeting from PSTN

- Caller Dial an internal extension (ex. 1312)

- Since this extension is a subcribers UNITY transfert release the call to CCM (as configuration ask for)

- The Phone is "busy" .. the Forw(busy) option on the line is : send to voice mail

- The call came back to UNITY .. but the "CALLING" number will be the Port that was use by UNITY to release to CCM ...

Is it a normal situation ? ? ?


Cisco Employee

Re: UNITY - How Transfert is working !?

That doesn't sound entirely normal, but Unity has no control over what calling or called numbers are going to show up. That's a function of CallManager. What calling ID shows up if the forward was a no-answer condition?

New Member

Re: UNITY - How Transfert is working !?

When it's a No answer condition ... there is no problem .. the calling number coming back to UNITY is the one of the external caller .

Can we expect a "problem" with the "Forward Busy" Fonction in CallManager ?


Cisco Employee

Re: UNITY - How Transfert is working !?

If you could reproduce it with only IP phones (no Unity in the picture), then I would say yes. However, it might not be possible to reproduce it with just IP phones; the TSP in Unity is a heck of a lot faster than any human.

Just for grins, try this (you'll need several IP phones)...

With the same call scenario you have described, replace Unity by transferring the call to the busy phone with another IP Phone. Also, instead of forwarding that busy phone to Unity, forward it to another phone (look at the display of this phone after the transfer is done to see what shows up for the calling number).

When doing the transfer to the busy phone from another phone, press tranfser, dial the extension, press transfer again and immediately hang up. That's about as close as you can get to emulating Unity.

New Member

Re: UNITY - How Transfert is working !?


This was a CCM bug .. solved by upgrading the cluster from 3.2.2c to 3.2.3


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