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New Member

Unity 2.4.6 Backup

We are upgrading the Hardware for our unity 2.4.6 (161) box and I am wondering which Export Utility I should use to correctly backup all the unity Greetings and user configs/info.

We are not upgrading the software , but just doing a clean install and importing the users greetings etc back after the build.

Any help/advise most appreciated.

Regards Mark.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 2.4.6 Backup

There is no supported way to do what you want to here - in 2.4.6 the only supported backup and restore mechanism is a full tape backup using BackupExec. However I did write a variation on the full db import/export (which is used today for migrating from 2.x to 3.x) that will allow you to do the import into a 2.4.6 system instead. This is not a TAC supported tool, it's a use-at-your-own-risk kind of thing. That said, a fair number of sites have used it with success. You can find it on here:

It uses the DOH interfaces for the import so it's quite a bit slower than the 3.x import used for migration which uses SQL so make sure you have alotted plenty of time for the import portion. The export is about the same speed as the one used for the migration. Also, be sure to review the "what's backed up and what's not" section in the help file so you know what wont come over (i.e. subscriber passwords).

New Member

Re: Unity 2.4.6 Backup

Thankyou - Most Helpful.

Regards Mark.

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