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* Unity 2.4.6 build 126 released to production *

The next patch release of Unity 2.4.6 is released to production and available as of today. Build 126 has a number of fixes and includes the new TSP which has it’s own set of fixes.<br><br>You can order a set of CDs through the normal ordering channels or, for those of you with huge, excellent pipes, you can download it from here:<br><br><br><br>You’ll find release notes for both the 126 build of Unity and the build of the TSP in the same place.<br><br>NOTE: If you're integrating with Call Manager, this version of Unity will ONLY work with CM 3.0(8) and later! Check the version table at the bottom of this post for a run down on the CM/Unity/TSP version combinations that are tested and supported.<br><br>For those of you without super-cool CCO accounts and can’t get at that page, here’s the short list of items fixed. Sorry for the formatting... it's a big gross and I don't have time to pretty it up.<br><br>Fixes in 2.4.6 build 126<br><br>CSCae03457 When you finish a phone record and playback session and close the Media Master or<br>ViewMail for Microsoft Outlook form, the AvTrapConnectionHolderSvr process does<br>not end properly and remains visible in Task Manager. This may cause problems with<br>third-party applications.<br><br>CSCae06114 In the Subscriber Playback conversation, Cisco Unity maps the # key to two functions.<br>After a message being forwarded is addressed, the prompt says: “To add another<br>name, press 1. To record an introduction to the message, press 2. To forward the<br>message as is, press #. For message options, press #.” When the # key is pressed, the<br>message is forwarded as is.<br>The message options portion of the prompt has been corrected (“For message options,<br>press 3”).<br><br>CSCae06207 When you disable a message notification device using the Cisco Unity Administrator<br>(Subscribers > Subscribers > Message Notification) and then try to delete the phone<br>number associated with that device, an error message appears. When the page<br>refreshes, the phone number reappears.<br><br>CSCae06454 When specifying call routing rules, if you use a hyphen to designate a range of ports<br>and the range includes a two-digit port number, the wrong ports are affected. For<br>example, a routing rule that is enabled on ports 1-10 works only on ports 1 and 10, and<br>not on ports 2 through 9.<br><br>CSCae06581 The Subscriber Setup > Message Settings > Fax Delivery conversation does not let<br>you enter a pause in a fax delivery number.<br><br>CSCae06678 With some Dialogic ® integrations, resynchronizing MWIs occasionally causes<br>Tapisrv.exe to crash or MWI ports to stop working.<br>To activate the fix<br>Add the parameter MinimumMWIRequestInterval=<milliseconds to wait between<br>MWIs> in the [Configuration] section of the active phone system file. We recommend<br>a value of 750.<br><br>CSCae07690 Under some circumstances, the wrong date is assigned to a subscriber’s standard<br>greeting, causing the disabling of the standard greeting. This occurs because the<br>property AVP_TIME_EXPIRES in DohPropTest is either (empty) or the date that the<br>machine was installed when a new subscriber account is created. When a greeting is<br>edited that has the date that the machine was installed, AVP_TIME_EXPIRES<br>changes to 12/31/90, which results in the disabling of the standard greeting.<br><br>CSCae07707 The Integration Monitor utility does not update the display properly and consumes too<br>much memory when left open overnight.<br><br>CSCae07844 In the following cases, the Cisco Unity AVImport utility returns a run-time error when<br>you import from Microsoft Exchange or from a CSV file:<br>• When the All Subscribers distribution list is removed from the default subscriber<br>template.<br>• When a First Name and Last Name are not entered for the user being imported.<br><br>CSCae07867 A 40- to 48-port load and a large global address list may cause subscribers to<br>experience an 8- to 20-second delay after Cisco Unity answers and before the prompt<br>“Please enter your password” is played.<br><br>CSCae07909 The TTS conversation does not read the subject line and body text of e-mails. This will<br>occur when the Cisco Unity system is using the G.729a codec with the AV-Cisco TSP.<br>The following error is logged in the application event log:<br>Source: AvTTS_MC<br>Description: WavOutSupportsFormat failed with %2 (%3).<br><br>CSCae07963 In Cisco Unity version 2.4(6.102), when L&H RealSpeak is the TTS engine and the<br>subscriber conversation language is set to anything other than ENU, e-mail messages<br>are not read.<br><br>CSCae07970 MWI request frequency under heavy load can cause MWI failure.<br>To activate the fix<br>Add the parameter MinimumMWIRequestInterval=<milliseconds to wait between<br>MWIs> in the [Configuration] section of the active phone system file. We recommend<br>a value of 750.<br><br>CSCae08014 Installing the Internet Voice Connector on a Windows 2000 machine with Active<br>Directory fails because the IVC installation program is hard-coded to use LDAP port<br>389. The IVC installation program now asks what the Exchange LDAP port is.<br><br>CSCae08065 When you attempt to import Exchange subscribers by using the Cisco Unity AvImport<br>utility or the Cisco Unity Administrator, an error message indicates that there are no<br>matching records in Exchange to import, even though Exchange users do exist.<br><br>CSCae08114 When an Exchange distribution list has an invalid alias, running Cisco Unity Setup<br>results in an error message. The message says that you may continue with setup and<br>manually configure the system later, though this cannot be done. Exchange<br>distribution lists do not show up in the Cisco Unity Administrator.<br><br>CSCae08137 When you are forwarding a message to another subscriber by using the phone, and<br>either there is only one match to the letters you entered or you are addressing by<br>extension, Cisco Unity does not state the name of the recipient that is being added, but<br>simply says “added.”<br><br>CSCdt90267 When using a serial integration, leading zeros are stripped for forwarded calls. This<br>causes a call to go to the opening greeting instead of the specified mailbox when the<br>forwarded party’s extension starts with a 0.<br>To activate the fix<br>Add the following parameters:<br>• In the serial integration file (for example, Averic.avd), in the [Configuration]<br>section, add DoNotStripZero=YES.<br>• In the phone system file that you are using (for example, Ericsson0001.ini), in the<br>[Configuration] section, add AllowZeroLeadingExtensions=1.<br><br>CSCdu06733 On Toshiba phone systems using SMDI integration, some release transfers initiated by<br>Cisco Unity are not answered when forwarded back to Cisco Unity from the<br>RNA/Busy subscriber extension. In the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\<br>Software\Arbiter\1.0\SystemConfiguration, the AllowCallsFromVoiceMail value is<br>set to “0” by default. This prevents Cisco Unity from answering calls when the call<br>information for a particular call indicates that the caller is a voice mail extension.<br><br>CSCdu13459 On startup, the system repeatedly asks for a disk in drive A, beginning before the<br>Control-Alt-Delete logon. The message reappears even after you cancel it. The<br>message that appears in the event log is:<br>Event Type: Information<br>Event Source: Application Popup<br>Event Category: None<br>Description: Application popup: AvCsMgr.exe - No Disk : There is no disk in the<br>drive. Please insert a disk into drive A.<br><br>CSCdu17234 When integrating Cisco Unity with Cisco CallManager, you sometimes receive ring<br>no answer when calling Cisco Unity. Eventually you may be forwarded to a<br>Cisco Unity port that answers. The port that causes the error becomes locked and can<br>be unlocked only by restarting the system.<br>Just before the disconnect/reconnect sequence starts, an AvMIU_MC error appears in<br>the event log. The AvMIU_MC error is:<br>Event Type: Error<br>Event Source: AvMiu_MC<br>Event Category: Error<br>Description: Component Miu: Thread 0x00000A64 had a Failure on Port 39 in<br>Method CAvMiuTapiLine::GetNewCall()<br>This has been seen only on very high-traffic systems under extreme load, and will<br>occur only when you are using AV-Cisco TSP 1.0(0.32) with Cisco Unity 2.4(6.102).<br><br>CSCdu17422 Cisco Unity repeatedly disconnects from and reconnects to Cisco CallManager, and<br>ports become locked. An AvMIU_MC warning appears in the event log just before the<br>disconnect/reconnects begin. This problem occurs under heavy load with AV-Cisco<br>TSP 1.0(0.28), Cisco CallManager 3.0(8), and Unity versions 2.4(6.115) and later.<br><br>CSCdu31554 In very rare cases, a port gets into an endless loop of disconnects and reconnects. This<br>occurs with Cisco Unity 2.4(6.102) when the Cisco Unity server has a large number<br>of voice messaging ports and a relatively slow processor.<br><br>CSCdu31584 In very rare cases, a port gets into an endless loop of disconnects and reconnects.<br>When this occurs, the Windows Event log contains an Miu Drop warning for each<br>disconnect and reconnect. This occurs with Cisco Unity 2.4(6.102).<br><br>CSCdu53543 If you are using the G729a codec with L&H RealSpeak, you must manually enable the<br>G729a codec by changing the registry.<br><br>CSCdu54454 If you are integrating Cisco Unity with Cisco CallManager, and if a port is configured<br>both to answer calls and to turn MWIs on and off, Cisco Unity may attempt to use that<br>port to turn an MWI on or off at the same time that it is processing a call on that port.<br>This causes the MWI attempt to fail.<br><br><br><br>Known open issues in 2.4.6 build 126:<br><br>CSCdu04186 If you are using L&H RealSpeak TTS on Windows 2000, Cisco Unity hangs when you<br>log off of Windows 2000. There are no errors in the event log. When you dial the<br>Cisco Unity access number, you hear a reorder or ringback tone. When you log back<br>on to Windows 2000, you cannot start Cisco Unity by using the Cisco Unity icon in<br>the status area of the taskbar.<br>This occurs in two circumstances:<br>• No one is logged on to Windows 2000 when a subscriber listens to an e-mail<br>message by using TTS. Then you log on to Windows 2000 on the Cisco Unity<br>server and log back off. Cisco Unity hangs when you log off of Windows 2000.<br>• You are logged on to Windows 2000 on the Cisco Unity server when a subscriber<br>listens to an e-mail message by using TTS. Cisco Unity hangs when you log off<br>of Windows 2000.<br>Workarounds<br>• Lock Windows 2000 instead of logging off. However, if someone other than the<br>person who locked the system unlocks the system, the person who locked the<br>system will be logged off and this will cause Cisco Unity to hang if a TTS<br>message has been accessed.<br>• Use L&H 3000 instead of L&H RealSpeak TTS on Windows 2000.<br><br><br>Fixes in TSP<br><br>CSCae07656 The AV-Cisco TSP needs configurable logging. The AV-Cisco TSP now does circular logging to files.<br>CSCae07923 Ring no answer may be reported as disconnect. Cisco Unity 2.4(6.102) using AV-Cisco TSP 1.0(0.28) to connect to Cisco CallManager version 3.0(x) does not properly report RNA conditions.<br><br>CSCae07925 An outgoing call through the gateway is set to connected while the call is still alerting. Message notification over an analog gateway to external phones, and supervised transfers in a dual phone system environment (including any call-hold or call-screening) display a connected state when no connection has been made.<br><br>CSCae07968 Pager notification fails to send all digits through an analog gateway. If you use subscriber message notification settings specifying additional digits for notification over an analog gateway, the last digit of a string of more than eight numbers may not be received by the notification device (for example, a pager or cell phone).<br><br>CSCae08050 Supervised transfers fail. When attempting a supervised transfer, Cisco Unity initiates the transfer, dials out to the extension, and after the specified wait-for rings, disconnects and goes idle, without connecting the calling party. The port remains locked until the calling party hangs up.<br><br>CSCae08086 The AV-Cisco TSP uses CalledParty instead of OriginalCalledParty. When Cisco CallManager forwards a Cisco Unity subscriber call to the next available uOne port, Cisco Unity may return an opening greeting rather than the expected subscriber sign-in prompt.<br><br>CSCae08089 Subscribers hear the opening greeting if the first voice messaging port is in use. When Cisco CallManager forwards a Cisco Unity subscriber call to the next available uOne port, Cisco Unity may return an opening greeting rather than the expected subscriber sign-in prompt.<br><br>CSCae08090 Subscriber message notification. If you use subscriber message notification settings specifying repeat notification, the minutes set to wait between notification calls are disregarded.<br><br>CSCae08152 Supervised transfers to busy extensions fail. When attempting a supervised transfer to a busy extension, Cisco Unity initiates the transfer, dials out to the extension, and after the specified wait-for rings, disconnects and goes idle, without connecting the calling party to the dialed party's voice mail. The port remains locked until the calling party hangs up.<br><br>CSCdu04699 Phone disconnection locks out Cisco Unity port. During a call, if the line from a phone is disconnected (either by disconnecting the network cable or power of the phone), the port that call was on is locked out. The port does not clear until the AV-Cisco TSP is reset or Cisco Unity is restarted.<br><br>CSCdu17234 Cisco Unity stops answering calls on a voice messaging port. This has been seen only on very high-traffic systems under extreme load. It occurs only when using AV-Cisco TSP versions 1.0(0.31) or 1.0(0.32) with Cisco Unity version 2.4(6.102). A fix was integrated in Cisco Unity version 2.4(6.126).<br><br><br>Version table for supported combinations of Call Manager, Unity and the TSP.<br><br>Unity TSP CM<br>2.4(6.126) 1.0(0.32) 3.0(10)<br>2.4(6.126) 1.0(0.32) 3.0(9)<br>2.4(6.126) 1.0(0.32) 3.0(8)<br>2.4(6.102) 1.0(0.32) 3.0(9)<br>2.4(6.102) 1.0(0.32) 3.0(8)<br>2.4(6.102) 1.0(0.28) 3.0(10)<br>2.4(6.102) 1.0(0.28) 3.0(9)<br>2.4(6.102) 1.0(0.28) 3.0(8)<br>2.4(6.102) 1.0(0.28) 3.0(7)<br>2.4(5.73) 1.0(0.28) 3.0(7)<br>2.4(5.xx) 1.0(0.24) 3.0(2d)<br><br><br>Jeff Lindborg<br>Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey<br>Cisco Systems<br><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A> (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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