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*** Unity 2.4.6 Released to Production!! ***

OK gang… I’ve been teasing everyone with the 2.4.6 release for a few weeks now and it shipped to production today. You will be able to order it on March 1st. See below for details on how you can get your hands on CDs (it’s a little different since the normal Cisco sales channels aren’t quite up to speed on this yet so we’re doing the 2.4.6 release out of the Seattle office). <br><br>So, what’s in 2.4.6 and why should you care? <br><br>1. You can now hide users in Exchange! This is big. You can create voice mail only users that do NOT show up in the directory for desktop users so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally getting emails or contorting to do directory views etc… very, very nice. I know it doesn’t sound like much but this is very cool.<br>2. Timezone support. You can now assign users to individual time zones and their message time stamps will be converted properly and their notification devices will trigger at their local times instead of the timezone the Unity server is assigned to.<br>3. Demo mode is now supported. If you install Unity without a security key we will offer to come up in demonstration mode. This is a fully functioning system that is limited to 2 voice mail ports and 100 users. All other functionality is available including dual switch configuration (makes a nifty little demo on a lap top with call manager).<br>4. You can now empty your deleted items folder over the phone. If you inbox is full on the road, this can be a life saver.<br>5. Big improvements to the MAPI threading model in Exchange 5.5 SP4 that we can now take advantage of. This means if someone is forwarding a HUGE voice mail message it wont affect anyone else on the system as it does on 2.4.5 and earlier. This also improves our handling of Exchange servers in the site going up/down somewhat since everyone has their own MAPI thread instead of having to share a couple threads. I know, engineering babble… trust me, this is a good thing. <br>6. DOHPropTest was improved to put a snappy little “log out user” button on the main form. This can be used to log individual users out of their mailboxes so you can move them in Exchange without having to take Unity off line. DOHPropTest has a “Read only” mode now so you can do this without getting support involved.<br>7. You’ll need 2.4.6 if you want to connect with Call Manager 3.0(8) or later (coming soon from your CM friends). Anything past 3.0(7) wont be supported with Unity 2.4.5 and earlier.<br>8. Several fixes including the “7/9” problem, the ability to hit “#” from the subscriber sign in and get back to the opening greeting properly, some TRAP fixes, couple of conversation improvements (i.e. no double name verifications on message addressing), etc…<br><br>All in all this is a very beefy release with lots of nice improvements and bug fixes. I’m very pleased with it… it comes with Jeff’s personal “it rocks” guarantee. <br><br>IF YOU WANT THIS VERSION, YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER:<br><br>I know it’s an unusual ordering process that you may not be used to but if you want it fast, this is what you have to do. Please do NOT email me directly asking me to send you a copy… no, you CANNOT download this from a web page. We will get a patch system in place for future upgrades off of 2.4.6 but you’ll need CD to be mailed to you. <br><br>NOTE: If you need to add new features to your key (i.e. more ports, TTS etc...), are purchasing a new system or want a set of CDs for demonstration purposes, you must do this through the Cisco ordering process (Option #2). I’m not trying to be a hard ass or anything but I can’t burn CDs for everyone that wants a demo…<br><br>#1 Unity software upgrade:<br><br>Send an email to<br>Provide the following information in the email:<br>· Name of reseller:<br>· System end site name:<br>· Reason for needing to upgrade to this release:<br>· Integration type desired (i.e. CallManager integration or serial or analog).<br>· Ship to name and address:<br>· Key serial # or configuration #:<br>· System code.<br><br>To send the system code, from the Unity Server:<br>1. Select Programs from the Start menu.<br>2. Select Unity.<br>3. Select Upgrade License.<br>4. Press the button Generate Current System Code. An alphanumeric code will be displayed on the screen.<br>5. Press the button Save to file.<br>6. Enter a filename when prompted<br>7. E-mail the file as an attachment to Include the site name in the email for reference.<br><br>Please note that all of the above information is required, or the upgrade request cannot be processed. Delivery will take 2-3 weeks.<br><br>#2 Unity feature upgrade / New Unity purchase/ Demo systems:<br><br>For those of you who can purchase product directly from Cisco, you can assume a “business as usual” practice in regards to purchasing Cisco Unity. Please contact the Reseller Hotline at 1-800-553-2447 for assistance.<br><br>If you currently don’t have a direct relationship with Cisco, you may purchase Cisco Unity or a feature upgrade from one of Cisco's three US Distributors: Ingram Micro, 714-566-1000; Comstor, 703-802-0222; or Tech Data, 727-539-7429.<br><br><br><br><br>Jeff Lindborg<br>Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey<br>Cisco Systems<br><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A> (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by jlindborg on 3/13/01 10:17 AM.</EM></FONT></P>


Re: *** Unity 2.4.6 Released to Production!! ***

Thank you very much for posting what's in 2.4.6. I expect the "hidden users" and "empty deleted items via phone" will result in a significant lowering of the cost of ownership at my site - 700 voice mail only and 1200 unified messaging clients.

What I would like to appeal to the forum for is early feed-back on how smoothly the upgrades go. I know this is selfish. I prefer to see confirmation from production sites that this new release is solid and the upgrade is without issues - especially given the "beefiness" of this release.

Thanks in advance, really, thanks in advance.


Re: *** Unity 2.4.6 Released to Production!! ***

Just upgraded 2.4.5 to 2.4.6 this week and it went smooth. The 7,9 buttons worked perfectly and we had no problems to report. The one thing that did hit us on the upgrade is that you must be running IE5.5 and Exchange Service Pack 4. No biggie, just took a little longer


Re: *** Unity 2.4.6 Released to Production!! ***

Your news could not have come at a better time for me.
We have just this week fully implemented our new Cisco phones with Unity. Our executive staff does not want to have voice messages "mixed" in with their email messages. Creating a second account that is able to be hidden from the GAL is exactly what we need!
Question- Is there a way to change the Subject line that is generated when a Unity message is sent to the mailbox? Currently it is worded "Message from (display name)", I'd like it to say "Unity Message from (First Name, Last Name)". This will give me some time until the new release comes in. I can create the new account, give it a display name that puts it at the end of my GAL, but Unity uses the display name in the subject line. (See my problem?)
Thanks for the info on the new release, can't wait to get it.

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