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Unity 2.4.6 to 3.1(2)

I am running Unity 2.4.6 in a NT 4/Exchange 5.5 environment. I will need to set up Unity 3.1(2) in a new Windows2K/Exchange environment, which will replace the existing Unity 2.4.6 server. <br><br>I guess that I will have to recreate all Unity users in W2K/Exchange2000. Any better way to do it?<br><br>Is there any way that I can transfer Unity 2.4.6 user recordings to Unity 3.1(2), so the users will not have to do much at their side?<br><br>Thanks.<br><br><br>


Re: Unity 2.4.6 to 3.1(2)

We have a process for exporting the majority of your Unity data (including user voice names and greetings) from Unity 2.4.6, and then importing that data into a Unity 3.0 system that has just been installed. See the Upgrade doc at

With your scenario you're probably going to want to reinstall the Unity server rather than try to upgrade it from NT/Exch 5.5 to W2K/E2K. This doc should help answer most of your questions on this, feel free to post other questions on this topic.


Re: Unity 2.4.6 to 3.1(2)

Thanks for your reply.

I read the doc and it helps. Still some questions about the export/import tool:

1. Will exporting data from my existing Unity 2.4.6 cause any problem to keep it running in my current NT4/Exchange 5.5 network?

2. After exporting Unity 2.4.6 data in NT4/Exchange 5.5, I will import the data into my new Unity 3.1 server in a new W2K Active Directory/Exchange 2000 network. How does the tool handle the conversion from NT4/Exchange 5.5 to W2K/Exchange 2000? For example, subscrubers' home server, Exchange mailboxes, Exchange alias, etc.

3. I am thinking to use the existing license key to keep my Unity 2.4.6 in NT4/Exchange 5.5 running, and get the new Unity 3.1 in W2K/Exchange 2000 up with the demo/eval key. This way, Unity 2.4.6 runs for production parallel with Unity 3.1 runs for testing. When I am ready, I will just put the product key onto Unity 3.1 server and run the key code update. Any problem in this procedure? (The doc says that the activation code is required to upgrade upgrade the system key during Unity Setup. )


Re: Unity 2.4.6 to 3.1(2)

1) The data export is a read-only operation, so after the export the system will still be functional. Couple things to note: the export tool forces Unity to be shut down for the duration of the export. Also, you want to be sure you use export/import tools from the same version of Unity. If you export your data with using the tool from Unity 3.1(2), for instance, then try to import the data into 3.1 using the import tool from Unity 3.1(3), you could run into problems.

2) In theory this should work, but a lot depends on what you are doing during the migration. Here's a snippet from the doc that is most key - "The Database Import utility imports subscribers into Exchange based on Exchange aliases. (If the site upgraded from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000, which causes the Exchange distinguished name to change even if the container structure remains the same, the alias is the only piece of data about each Cisco Unity subscriber that will be the same.) In rare cases, this may cause problems because Exchange does not require the alias to be unique, although it is highly recommended. If more than one match for an alias is found, the Cisco Unity subscriber will not be imported.

If you create a new Exchange directory and manually create users, be certain that aliases in the new directory match those in the old directory. If aliases do not match, the Database Import utility will look up a subscriber, not find that person, and then create a new Exchange account by using the old alias. Each subscriber for which this occurs will have two Exchange accounts.

3) I would follow what the doc says - SASU customers can upgrade by visiting the Product Upgrade Tool and non-contract customers can order through standard ordering channels.


Re: Unity 2.4.6 to 3.1(2)

I should elaborate a little more on 2).

If there is an existing Exchange 2000 user with an alias that matches a Unity subscriber in the migration database, Unity will 'attach' to that Exchange user. This happens even if the user's home server has changed, since we are searching purely by alias.

If there is no Exchange user that matches the alias of a subscriber in the migration database, then a new Exchange user will be created by the Import process.

So if you are changing aliases during the E5.5 -> E2K migration you will run into problems and might have to take a different route to preserve some of the Unity data through the upgrade. Otherwise it should work fine.

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