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Unity 2.4.6

Is there any way to find out how many VM came in to Unity during any peride of time ?

Running 2.4.6 with exchange 5.5


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 2.4.6

Not currently - although interestingly enough that's my project for this weekend - I'm parsing through the standard data output for the notifier in the logs to see if I can construct a nice database table to generate reports about message traffic history for specific boxes or ranges of boxes over a specific time period. We have tools for monitoring the current message load (i.e. the message store manager out on but nothing that will show you the history of message traffic to specific boxes over time.

I'm working specifically on 4.0(1) and later right now since the notifier has it's own logs starting with 4.0(1) - there might be similiar information in the general AvCsMgr logs back in 2.x but I'm not sure. AFter I get the details for the 4.0(x) version nailed down I'll look into if it'll be portable back to 2.x... I kind of doubt it, we went through a rather big overhaul of the loggin in the later 3.0(x) time frame so my guess is this will only work properly back to 3.1(1) and earlier.

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