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Unity 2.4 Public Distribution List

I want to use a public distribution list to send a message to multiple subcriber.

I have a subscriber who recieve a message and then I need to send this message to multiple subcriber.

Is this possible ? how can I do it?

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Re: Unity 2.4 Public Distribution List

Sure... you can forward a message to a distribution list by name or by ID if you assign one. Any public distribution list in your Exchange directory can be imported into Unity and given a voice name and extension number if you wish. When forwarding a message from the subscriber conversation you can find this distribution list by spelling it's name or by entering the ID depending on which addressing method you prefer.

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Re: Unity 2.4 Public Distribution List

I have defined a public distribution list with 2 members and I use the 395 extension in the ext(optional) box.

When I call 395 I don't recieve a prompt to leave messages I recieve the welcome message like if 395 doesn't exist as unity subcriber.

I want to leave the messages to these people automatically.

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Re: Unity 2.4 Public Distribution List

ah... you can't dial a distribution list directly, the ID is used for addressing messages as a subscriber.

If you want to have outside callers leave messages for a distribution list you want to setup a call handler that has your greeting and that is setup to take a message in the after greeting action. You can setup the recipient for messages taken by that call handler to be a subscriber or a public distribution list. This sounds like what you want to do... then users can dial the ID of the call handler or route there via a one key rule and leave a message for a group of subscribers.

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