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Unity 2.46 to 3.1(4) migration question

Customer is a Unity 2.46 with Unified messaging. I will be migrating user information to a completely different server using the export\import process. The last time I did this for a customer I had some issues on the import process. When I imported the subscriber account it only correctly did about 1/2 of the accounts. The remainder it created a new Exchange mailbox and subscriber account on the Unity server. It was easy to fix (25 users). However this migration will be well over 200 subscribers and I don't want to manually fix problems.

The accounts that did not import also did not have duplicate Exchange aliases. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again? I shouldn't have to stop and start Exchange services before the import process.....

Also I noticed that this customer has multiple exchange recipient containers. Will this affect anything?

Thanks for the help.....

Also I liked the old forum.....It had automatic email response. Do you have anything like that within this one??

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 2.46 to 3.1(4) migration question

The Import tool will use the SQLSyncSvr service on the Unity 3.x box to fin users during the import process. It’ll look for them first by directory ID, then by RDN then by Alias (mail nickname in the case of Ex2K). Only if it finds no match on any of those will it create a new user in the container you specified during the configuration setup of the 3.x system. The way to prevent this from happening is to make sure you have the same alias convention for the target system you’re importing into that you did for the system you backed up.

The Customer Applications Team also just release the Migrate Subscriber Data tool to help with situations where you did import users with different aliases and it create new subscribers that you didn’t want… it lets you easily move all their subscriber data (not their messages… that’s up to you) over to a standing email box in the directory easily and quickly. Here’s the URL to the AnswerMonkey page with information about it:

As for you’re last question, yes you can register for email notifications when anyone responds to a thread by hitting the “subscribe” link at the bottom… any responses to that thread and you’ll be notified. There’s no way, unfortunately, to edit your profile such that you’re always emailed when someone responds to your post as the old form did. Sometime maybe they’ll get to at some point.

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