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Unity 3.0 off ot exch site with no connection

I have got a Unity 2.46 B104 off of an Exchange site. Can I install a Unity 3.0 off of the same exchange site given that I dont run the configuration setup to connect to exchange. Once you install Unity 3.0 as long as the exchange link set up is not run there should be no conflict with Two Unitys off of the exchange site. This way I can build my AA on Unity 3.0. Once I am ready to cut over I can remove Unity 2.46 from the EXch site completely and run the configuration setup on 3.0 to connect to exchange. I just want to make sure that installing Unity 3.0 without running "Configuration setup" does not kill my current Unity. <br><br>Sean Poure<br>NEC-Voice Engineering<br>Sr. Aplication Engineer<br>714 4846275<br>

Sean Poure

Re: Unity 3.0 off ot exch site with no connection

Yeah, you can do this without hurting your data since Unity isn't even connected to the directory at all until after you run the configuration setup.

It's not an entirely hot idea to construct a bunch of call handlers and the like while in this state, however, since you can't setup recipients/owners and the like without subscribers (i.e. everyone will have to be owned and leave messages for the example administrator) but this is doable if you're careful.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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