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Unity 3.0 with 2.46(135)

I have 2 unity locations both running 2.46 in the same Exchange 5.5 Site. Can I upgrade on of those locations to 3.0.2 with upgrading the other location? The reason I ask is 1 location is a new installation and I would like to have the system running the latest release of Callmanger and Unity before installation in the office. It's currently running in the lab during configuration and setup.<br><br>


Re: Unity 3.0 with 2.46(135)

It is possible to have both Unity 2.4.6 and Unity 3.0 be installed into the same Exchange Site.

But there are restrictions. Here are some -
1) You cannot address to subscribers across Unitys through the TUI.
2) You have to mess around with some LDAP filters, which is not pretty and can cause chaos if not done right. This is done so that we do not accidentally present subscribers from one Unity to another in the TUI.
3) The administrators on both the machines will see each others subscribers when they try to do imports. We have no way to stop this from showing up. If you accidentally import a subscriber from one Unity into another ( i.e. you did not delete the subscriber out of the other
Unity first ), results are unpredictable. This can put a considerable amount of overhead on the admin folks.
4) Subscribers can send messages to each other across the Unitys using VMO and Outlook.

I do not believe that there has been explicit testing done to qualify this.

Jami Stewart
Cisco Systems


Re: Unity 3.0 with 2.46(135)

Really I don't see to much here that will cause a problem. I don't think anyone even use the TUI to address messages.
As far as the admistration most of it will be done from one location by me.

The only thing I don't like to see is that this has never been tested for qualification. I'm sure I'm not the only person out here using Unity in multiple locations in the same Exchange Site. Is Cisco going to test this configuration? How is a organization supposed to upgrade if they have more than one location? Our upgrade path has the remaining Unity server to be upgraded in Jan. Because of Faxing to Desktop requirments that will no longer be supported in 3.0. What is the upgrade path for my configuration? Shouldn't this be tested before release of the software? I don't believe I really have a unique configuration. If I do upgrade this system will TAC support it?

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