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Unity 3.1(1) Backup

We are running a Veritas v8.6 Backup Exec Server with SQL and Exchange Agents on a server other than the Unity 3.1(1) Server. We have successfully pushed the remote agent to the Unity Server. The problem is: Veritas states that you MUST be running SQL Server Client Connectivity, Management tools and Microsoft Exchange System Management programs on the Backup Exec Server. If this is correct where do we get these programs and if this is not correct is there another way to remotely backup the Unity Server?<br><br><br>


Re: Unity 3.1(1) Backup

Let me start by saying that I know little able how Veritas BackupExec works but I still think I can answer your question. I am assuming that BackupExec required the Exchange Management tools so that it can access them store via MAPI. The tools install the MAPI subsystem. Unity has the same requirement if Exchange is off box. Same deal with SQL. It needs the SQL Connectivity tools to access the database (I guess). If I am wrong somebody please correct me. Anyway the tools are on the Exchange and SQL CDs. You can add only the tools by choosing a custom install. If Veritas say you need them I would assume that you really do.

Alternatively, since you are on 3.1(1), you should be able to use the new DiRT tool on It has some nice features that might make this easier for you but it will not get the actual voicemail messages with this initial release. You can get more info about that tool here:

On a side note I would suggest moving to 3.1(2b) when you get a chance. 3.1(2b) has several major improvements over 3.1(1).


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems

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