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Unity 3.1.2 & 3.1.3 Server Issues

2 Unity Servers connecting to 2 separate CM clusters. Full Exchange 2000/AD environment. One Unity server is in the main AD domain, the second is in a child domain. One Unity server is running 3.1.3 (main AD domain), the other is running 3.1.2 (child domain).

Here is a list of the issues that are currently open on the two servers:

1) SA is denied to all users on occasion. TAC Case #C818955, the fix was to ensure that the AVCSMgr PTR is refreshed before returning AVCSMgr components. Stopping and starting a few services seems to fix the issue. Is there a better fix since this creeps up every few days.

2) TTS not functioning: When emails are accessed, the prompt says "Sorry this email cannot be read now. Please try again later." Accessing users are licensed to use the feature and they have 6 TTS ports that are all available. They are using US English.

3) VM Quality: A prominent white/comfort noise when recording any message or greeting. I have turned off the comfort noise registry setting in Unity and systemwide in CM, yet the problem still exists.

4) When logged into the Unity server locally and accessing the web Administration (SA) page, it says the Window domain account is associated with multiple Unity Subscribers and forces a choice before proceeding. (The two Subscriber accounts choices are:Unity Installer Accoung & Example Administrator).

5) Importing users takes over 5 minutes to bring up each screen, usually timing out before you even get to the add user screen. I have increased the timer setting in IIS to 900 seconds, but still timing out. They have 4 storage groups containing about 20 overall storage dbs. I think this was to be fixed in Unity 3.2, but is there a workaround for this as the increase in IIS timeout settings does not seem to be sufficient.

6) License usage: When accessing the SA page locally from the Unity server, license usage mirrors the Key Dump information below. However, when accessing the same SA page from another computer under a different administrator account, it shows NO licensed being used for under any category.

Serial Number : 00301632

OEM : Cisco Systems

Product : Unity Enterprise

Version : 3.1

Voice Ports : 24

Fax Ports : 0

TTS Ports : 4

Bridge ports : 0

Integration : TAPI

Full Languages : 1

System Administration Languages : 1

Voice Mail Users Licensed : 720

Voice Mail Users Current : 609

View Mail for Outlook Users Licensed : 720

View Mail for Outlook Users Current : 609

Fax Mail Users Licensed : 720

Fax Mail Users Current : 0

TTS Users Licensed : 720

TTS Users Current : 609

PWA Accesses Licensed : 720

PWA Accesses Current : 609

VMI sessions : 0

Partner Byte 1 : 0

Partner Byte 2 : 0

Partner Word 1 : 0

Partner Word 2 : 0

TTS Vendors : L&H 3000

Networking : Enabled

AMIS : Disabled

Failover backup server : Disabled

I know this is a lot of questions for one post, but they may all be related. Let me know what additional information you may need. I can get you access to all log files, etc.


Matt Slaga

Dimension Data US

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 3.1.2 & 3.1.3 Server Issues

Lotta stuff in here… I don’t think any of these are related… I can speculate on a few of these anyway.

1. Not sure what’s up with this… have to talk with the DOH and SA guys for more info.

2. the best I can suggest is that the TTS engine didn’t get installed properly and it’s failing to spin up. We’d need to poke around in the registry and the file system and look at event log errors and all that good stuff. Probably best to open a TAC case on this. If you want to start another thread on this (you’ll have difficulty with this one since so much stuff is in here) include a dump of the HKLM\Software\ActiveVoice\TTS\1.0 tree in your registry and any event log errors that come up and we’ll get the media guys to take a look.

3. Does this comfort noise come up at the end of a recording or in silent parts of the greeting? If so this is likely related to the AGC trying to crank up silence to the dB threshold specified in the registry. The 3.1(4) AGC engine is a tad smarter about dealing with really quiet stuff. It wont try to adjust more than X dB (adjustable in the registry 10 by default I think) and it wont touch anything that’s quieter than Y (adjustable, but –30 dB by default I think). This solves that issue… as a test you can disable AGC (set the target DB to 0 and restart Unity) and see if the issue goes away. I’d recommend getting to 3.1(4) instead of killing AGC since you’ll gain as many problems as you solve turning it off.

4. As I mentioned on another thread, you can use GrantUnityAccess to remove these references… use the –L option to list the associations and –D to remove them. Only use GrantUnityAccess to add associations when you need admin access to a box you are not a subscriber on.

5. Yeah, this stinks and we definitely know about the problem. Lots of exchange servers and/or storage groups really slow the SA down. Just so you know, the Customer Applications Team is scrambling trying to get a quick update to the Global Subscriber Manager tool such that we can do imports directly from AD quickly and easily. I’ll post something out here when we have something. For Unity 4.x later this year the whole import thing will be different and this problem will go away.

6. Might be related to a registry rights issue… I remember the licensing drivers had some weird need to update some key or another in the registry and the license counts kicked back nothing if you weren’t in with an account that had R/W rights. I though this issue was resolved but this sounds pretty familiar. As a test try granting read/write access to everyone for the HKLM\Software\ActiveVoice branch and it’s sub branches (you can turn it back off real quick… I’m just interested in seeing if this is the case or not).

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