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Unity 3.1(3)a won't start

I have a Unity 3.1(3)a installation that ran fine from setup for three weeks. Upon restart of the box the instance will not start. I take that back, I got it to come back up, but to test the stability, i restarted again and It won't come up.

I receive event Messages from AvCsServices_MC event ID 1025 Description: AvCsMgr: Component Arbiter initialize failed. and also event ID 1014 Description:: Manager service (AvCsMgr) failed to initialize the component manager. .

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 3.1(3)a won't start

The most likely reason the Arbiter wouldn't initalize is if it found something wrong with the secruity key attached (i.e. it was for a 2.4.6 system and you're trying to get it to fly on a 3.x system or the port isn't working properly etc...). There should be some more to the error messages than just "failed"... there is typically several error/warning messages in a row during the create/init/run sequence of all the components at startup. If you post the full text of all the errors in order (the first one many times causes a "snowball" effect down stream) we might be able to zero in on it a little better.

New Member

Re: Unity 3.1(3)a won't start

The recommendation from TAC was to upgrade to 3.1.4. Apparently there have been problems with Unity 3.1.3 intermittently not restarting on reboot. My problem constant. The upgrade has appeared to fix the issue. I have rebooted the box several times and Unity has restarted every time. Thanks for the help.

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