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Unity 3.1(3) and moving mailboxes

We just recently moved mailboxes to a new Exchange 5.5 server and reran the Unity config setup.What is odd is the the Cisco Unity object that was under the config container on the old exchange box isn't there in the new one. The only problem we are having with users is that Unity is telling them their mailboxes are full when in fact they are not.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 3.1(3) and moving mailboxes

For the Unity object, you won't see that unless you're in Exchange Admin "raw" mode (just run the admin with the command line "-r" switch). For the false message about the mailboxes being full, if the new Exchange server has different mailbox limits defined, it's entirely possible that you have hit CSCdy28293. There's a workaround listed that might help with the mailbox limits.

Just an FYI, we might get to Unity questions faster if they're posted to the "Unified Communications" forum.

New Member

Re: Unity 3.1(3) and moving mailboxes

Even running the Exchange Admin in "raw" mode doesn't show the object. Now there are more users getting the mailbox full message along with the MWI lighting up when they don't have any mail.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 3.1(3) and moving mailboxes

OK, looks like we may have multiple issues. For the mailbox full issue, the first thing to do is to ensure that Unity's idea of the the mailbox quotas and warnings are the same as the Exchange directory's. The quotas/warnings can be set on a user-per-user basis or on a mailstore basis? How are these defined? (when checking in Exchange, make sure you connect in the Exchange admin to the same server that Unity is connected to)

If it is on a user basis, then check the Unity SQL subscriber table on a particular problem subscriber to see if it matches what is in Exchange. If it is on a store basis, check to see if the Unity SQL mailstore table reflects what is in the Exchange directory.

For the MWI issue, does the SA subscriber's page show the correct status for the MWI?

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