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Unity 3.1(3) Dial by name

My customer is using Unity 3.1(3) and the dial by name function is not working. When you enter a name that is a subscriber you get an error message saying that it is not a valid name. What can I do?

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Re: Unity 3.1(3) Dial by name

I'm assuming this is for outside callers using the directory handler to find a subscriber by name, not subscribers addressing messages by name since you use the term "dial by name"... in that case a couple of possibilities come to mind.

Make sure the subscribers have recorded voice names. If they don't they wont be listed in the directory.

Make sure they have the "list in directory" setting turned on, again they wont be listed in the directory if it's not enabled.

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Re: Unity 3.1(3) Dial by name

is there an easy way to identify subscribers without a recorded name? i can use dump subscriber to get the list of the status of the directory listing indicator. a listing of the directory commserver\stream files seems to indicate duplicate recorded names for some subscribers. that is deleting one from the web interface doesnt delete the others. it would be sufficient if you can tell me the sql tables and variables to query. thanks.

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Re: Unity 3.1(3) Dial by name

Yeah, there is...and it's because Jeff is very cool. Check out the "SubscriberInfoDump" util his group has done.

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