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Unity 3.1.3 Goodbye Message

Unity 3.1.3 - I have multiple call handlers that provide general information and allow caller input to be transferred to other subscribers and other call handlers. I have the messages set to repeat once, then "say goodbye". But before the goodbye message plays a promt comes on to say "if you would like to try another extension, you may do so now". How do I get rid of that and just say "goodbye" after the reprompt? I also want to make sure callers can not leave messages in the main handlers that I have set up.

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Re: Unity 3.1.3 Goodbye Message

That message is actually the greeting recorded for the "Goodbye" call handler created by setup - you can rerecord the greeting to say what you want there... the same greeting is recorded for the standard and off hours greetings - you can stick your own, shorter greeting in the alternate greeting and have it over ride those easily.

You can lock down handlers to now allow users to go anywhere or do anything you don't want them to if you like - you have control here. You may want to check out the "Audiotext applications in Unity" doc on the Documents page of, it discusses how to prevent users from being able to dial extensions or wander out of an audio text tree by locking keys down.

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Re: Unity 3.1.3 Goodbye Message

Thank you, I did not realize there were different greetings recorded for the standard, etc. for "goodbye". I have re-recorded the alternate and enabled it to play. After the greeting, I have send caller to "hang up". Is there a way to increase the time before the goodbye recording plays and when it hangs up?

Also, I am unable to open the link that you have listed , is there another way to get to the Unity doc that you mentioned?

Do you know of any tools that let you do a "find a replace" function? Example A subcribers function has changed and several call handlers now need to point to different subscriber.

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Re: Unity 3.1.3 Goodbye Message

You can just append some silence onto the greeting after you say "goodbye"... it'll play before it hangs up.

You can't open It's opening fine for me and other folks... that sites never had any significant down time in the last couple years, I'd be suprised if it's giving you trouble.

You can use the BulkEdit tool to do your last thing... select all call handlers that are owned and/or have set as a message recipient the subscriber you want to replace... then in the selected changes tabs choose a new owner and/or recipient and apply. Should be pretty quick.

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Re: Unity 3.1.3 Goodbye Message

Appending silence worked out great!

Your original link did not have the "?" after the .com, therefore it wouldn't find it. I was able to access now! Thanks for the help.

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