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Unity 3.1.3 question, pls help

May I ask several problems for a Unity 3.1.3. <br><br>Question 1:<br>When the 3rd digit of caller ID equals 0, this digit will be trimmed off when entering Unity. Is there any solution to solve?<br><br><br>Question 2:<br>A variable delay for VMO and Media master:<br>User can listen or record message by VMO on the phone. Users suffer a variable delay to hear a beep sound to start recordoing message after they have picked up phone. Users also suffer a long delay in playing message after the phone set has been picked. Range of delay is between 2 second to 15 seconds! If user speak something when they picked up the phone, user can hear beep sound signal or voice message immediately. It seems that the Unity does not aware the phone has been picked up or not. Is there any method to shorten the delay? Or is there any way to make Unity more aware of phone being picked up?<br><br>Question 3:<br>Voice message is attached as a wave file in e-mail. Default filename for wave file is voicemessage.wav, introduction.wav introduction1.wav, etc... Is it possible to change file name?<br><br>Question 4:<br>User had done a test, user seems to be able to leave a voice message when the Exchange reboot. But the subject of voice message is different from those ordinary one, the subject shows as "Message from an unidentified caller (4447). The caller 4447 is a valid subscriber for this Unity system. User would like to ask how to solve this problem. Also, during the exchange reboots, where does the Unity save those voice message temporarily? What is the limit for this tempary place?<br><br><br>


Re: Unity 3.1.3 question, pls help

For 1), can you provide more details on the problem? Is it a three digit extension with the final digit being a 0? Is the problem occurring when trying to enter a subscriber extension, or when the call is integrated (like a RNA call forwarded to voicemail). How do you know the problem is that the final 0 is getting trimmed?

For 2), there is no way to change this. If you are using Dialogic voice boards (I'm guessing you are?), this voice detect is a 'feature' that can't be turned off or configured.

For 3), again, there is no way to change this value. How come this is causing a problem?

For 4), for starters, messages are stored in \Commserver\unityMTA when Unity takes messages for users who are on Exchange servers that are unavailable. So the storage limit is pretty much your available disk space on the Unity server.
As for the problem you encountered...this is an interesting one. I have just reproduced a similar situation in the lab. We might have an open defect against it. I'll post a follow-up once I gather some more details.


Re: Unity 3.1.3 question, pls help

Follow up on #4 - I could not find an open defect on this, so I entered CSCdx45526. There is a feature called Identified Subscriber Messaging that isn't being applied for messages that are stuck in \unityMTA while Exchange is down. Good find.

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