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Unity 3.1.5 long message cutoff warning?

We have an issue with long voicemails being cut-off without a warning you have "x" seconds left to leave your message. The user leaving the message gets cutoff, and the recipient's greeting plays over again. Is this normal? In addition, one user claimed that the "long" message was not delivered, however in our testing, the long cut-off message was delivered. Our assumption is that the long messages, even though they are cut-off, *should* be delivered--are we correct?

Once again, thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

We are working with Cisco Call Manager 3.14(b) spC.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 3.1.5 long message cutoff warning?

Not sure if you meant to say this is Unity 3.1(4) there or not...

That said, in Unity 3.1(5) and later there is an "end of recording warning" option you can turn on. If you pop open the Advanced Settings Tool in the tools depot you'll see near the bottom a set of options for "Record Termination Warning" that lets you turn it on and decide how far before the end of the recording time to beep to warn them. This feature only works with Call Manager integration, Dialogic drivers don't support it. Be sure to snag the latest version of the Advanced Settings Tool to ensure you have the correct settings here:

Yes, messages that reach the record limit are always delivered.

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