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Unity 3.1.5 Subscriber Call Transfer Ignoring Setting


I've setup a subscriber to transfer his voicemail to an external number i.e. 9XXXXXXXXXXX, once saved, you call in to test from the outside world and you get sent to the unity message 'sorry extention 5555 is not available, please leave a message'. I've transfered to other extensions before on other setups, just not to an external number via a subscriber. Its as if the settings are being ignored?

I've checked to ensure that they no dial out or transfer restrictions and also message notification works fine (i.e. the users get called on the mobile from Unity to inform them of messages). It does allow us to enter the external number both through a voice conversation on a mobile and via the sa.

I've read the other threads in the forum about this, is this a design 'feature' or a bug/config problem?

Has anyone else got this working?

We are using Unity 3.1.5 Voice Mail only onbox Ex2k.

Basically, our customer requires it so that a mobile user, can choose to redirect/transfer the voice mail to their mobile number rather than to the unity voice mail box via their mobile whilst on the road.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Phil Peake


Re: Unity 3.1.5 Subscriber Call Transfer Ignoring Setting

Hi Phil -

Here is a Cisco link that discusses the steps needed to take to transfer a caller from voicemail to an external number:

From the message you are getting, I suspect you may be using the default, "Send to greeting for" instead of the "Attempt to transfer for" option, which is the one you want. If the default Send to greeting for is selected, then the caller hears the error message, "Sorry the extension you requested was not available" and the caller is not transferred to the external phone.

Best wishes,


Community Member

Re: Unity 3.1.5 Subscriber Call Transfer Ignoring Setting

Thanks for the advice there using the Callhandler and it's a possible workaround, but I'm trying to do it without the use of a call handler just using a single subscriber, so in the SA, under subscriber and transfer call to say 9XXXXXXXXXX so that instead of it forwarding to subscribers greeting it forwards to the external 'cell phone number'.

I need the cell phone user to be able to set transfer options on his unity account back at the office via his cell phone/unity voice/menu options, so if he forgets to put call forward on his office phone to his mobile then he can do this when he is on the road.

Just seems like Unity is ignoring the changed transfer setting in the subscriber?

Is the Callhandler Method the only way this function can be achieved?



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 3.1.5 Subscriber Call Transfer Ignoring Setting

When a call is forwarded from your user's office phone to Unity, it will hit the "Attempt Forward to Greeting" routing rule. This rule matches the forwarding number number to the subscriber mailbox and plays the greeting for that mailbox. The transfer settings for the subscriber will not be used. So if this is the call flow you're working with then, yes, Unity is ignoring the changed transfer setting.

This is by design. Typically, the transfer to for a subscriber is set to send calls to the subscriber's desk phone. If calls forwarded from the desk phone were always immediately transfered back to the same desk phone you'd end up with some nasty looping.

To verify you're transfer setting is indeed working, dial the subscribers extension from Unity's opening greeting. In this case Unity should first try the subscribers transfer settings.



Community Member

Re: Unity 3.1.5 Subscriber Call Transfer Ignoring Setting

OK, from what been said so far, this feature is usually only used to transfer to the desktop phone number, but the 'transfer feature' only comes into play when the subscribers extension number is dialed within unity (say from within the unity opening/system greeting), not when it is accessed through an external user trying to dial the users extention which is forwarded to unity, which Unity in turn trys to take a message (ignoring the transfer rule) correct?

I guess when you see the word/feature transfer, you assume that it can transfer the call to the typed in number before it gets to subscribers greeting, I think thats where the confusion began.

If thats correct, thanks for you help and advice that you have provided.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 3.1.5 Subscriber Call Transfer Ignoring Setting

Well, to perform a transfer on any phone you first have to answer the incoming call then place it on hold while you dial the transfer destination. Most callers like to hear some sort of message before getting hold music. Although I've certianly seen folks set up call handlers with blank greetings and the after greeting action set to attempt some transfer. There's a slew of possibiliities here but also some gotchas (like transfering calls to a phone that is set to forward back to Unity where it immediately gets transfered back to the same phone...).

When I see the word/feature transfer, I assume callers will have the option to transfer out of the automated voice system by entering digits during a greeting or prompt.

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