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Unity 3.1(5) VM to UM Migration

The environment is two unity 3.1.5 servers (primary/failover) with an "off-box" Exchange 2000 server used as VM only. Now we want to migrate users to the corporate Exchange 2000 mail server, which is in a different organization and domain. The userid's are different. The unity servers are member servers of the AD domain in which hte Ex2K server is the DC.

Can I migrate groups of users at a time so we have some users on each of the Ex2K servers? Or all of them? Would I use the Migrate subscriber Data utility? During the migration period, one Ex2K would be for VMO users and the other is UM. The Unity servers already have UM licenses. We also have 2 PA servers 1.3(4).

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Re: Unity 3.1(5) VM to UM Migration

in this case there is no "slow bleed" migration option available - the migrate subscriber data is for moving Unity data onto an email account that's visible to the Unity server that the subscriber is homed on (i.e. it'd need to be in the same forrest and visible in the directory). If you're moving domains/orgs here that wont fly.

You can do a DiRT backup of your existing VM server do a DiRT restore onto your UM server and THEN use Migrate Subscriber Data to move the sub info onto the proper email accounts (this is necessary since your alias names don't match across systems). This is a little messy but it'll get all your messages, greetings, voice names, passwords etc... in one shot. However you can't do this for a few folks at a time, it's an all or nothing kind of thing.

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