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Unity 3.1 (5)

I have one user who when he logs into his mailbox gets a "sorry system is temporarily unavailable to complete the call, please try again later"

I am unable to see the customers system. what could i have him look at?

Alternative would be to delete and recreate that users account, however, he still has messages in his mailbox., so at this point that is not an option.

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Re: Unity 3.1 (5)

First place you should always start when you get the failsafe message like that is the application event log. There is always an error (or errors) logged there when that message is played which should point us in the right direction.

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Re: Unity 3.1 (5)

Source: AvConvMsg_MC

Event ID: 10002

GetMailboxStatus returned [0x8004aa001] on line 98 of file e:\views \cs_UE3.1.4.39\un_Core2\ConversationEng\AvStateSvr\AvSGetMailboxStatus.cpp

Running conversation SubMenu on Port 6

Subscriber Display Name: Carter, Ramon

Subscriber Alias: rcarter

AvDohMailUser::get_PrimaryMailbox returned [0x8004aa00] on line 199 of file e:\views\cs_UE3.1.4.39\un_Core2\ConversationEng\AvStateSvr\AvSGetMailboxStatus.cpp

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Re: Unity 3.1 (5)

It's probably a security issue. I've seen this error come up with the AvCsMgr process cannot query the SCM on the Exchange server for the status of the Exchange service(s). This status check is done on the Exchange server that holds the mailbox for the subscriber account when "GetMailboxStatus" is called. What account is the AvCsMgr running as, and if it's a domain account, what group membership does it have?

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