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Unity 3.1 Failover SQL non-replication


We have 2x 3.1 Unity servers with Failover setup, followed the installation procedures without any errors reported from the failover configuration process.

However after each server being rebooted, and checking enterprise manager on the failover server, the table subscribers did not have any entries replicated to it from the main sql database.

This in turn we think is causing a problem for the AVCSmgr service where by it can't start (gives an unknown error) but checking through the event logs shows that the avarbiterMC can't logon to the DOH, we wonder if this has anything to do with the fact there are no subscribers in the failover table.

Also In the enterprise manager for SQL there is a error reported in the distribution agent as follows..

Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.

(Source: TAN-UNITY-FO (Data source); Error number: 18456)

Any idea why replication is not occuring, even though the failover config app said every thing was succesfull.

We are using unity 3.1.(5) on both boxes, with SQL standard edition SP3 on both also, with an off box Ex5.5 store, each unity server is running OS Service Pack 2.

Thanks for any help

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Re: Unity 3.1 Failover SQL non-replication

Have you tried stopping and restarting Unity on the seconday server after the primary server has come on line? If you rebooted them at the same time you might have had a race condition that prevented the secondary server from connecting to the primary properly.

Another thing to verify is that you are using the same domain level accounts for the FO service on both servers.

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