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New Member

Unity 3.14 Issues on a ICS 7750 SPE310 blade

Hi All,

I've upgraded to Unity 3.14 and I'm experiencing the following issues. The SQLSERVER.exe process is taking up about 100MB of memory every day. It's on day two and it's at 260MB of memory utilization. This increases untill the box crashes. We can cure the memory leak by restarting the service. But.... eventually, when we try to hit the admin page, we get an error message which says the administrator account (which was used to install Unity) is not associated with a subscriber. At this point, we have to reboot to clear the system. Which leads me to our other problem....

We've got the ICS 7750 running Unity 3.14 plugged into an extreme alpine switch which is running a bunch of different things. The extreme is doing the layer 3 routing, and I'm told by their network admin that they've blocked any multi-cast/broadcast traffic from entering the voice vlan. Here's the strange part. When the SPE310 blade is segmented into it's own VLAN, it boots fine. When the ICS 7750 trunk port is unplugged from the Extreme Alpine Switch, it works fine, but when the whole system is in the proper VLAN and the Port is trunked into the Extreme switch. The Unity system will not start correctly. The netlogon process hangs on startup, which in turn makes the exchange process unable to start, etc.. etc.... The NETLOGON service does recover and we are able to restart the Unity server after we've manually started all the exchange services, but this can obviously not be normal behaviour.

The TAC case is C673025 if anyone Cisco-ites want to look at the case notes.

I'm stumped.....

thanks in advance,

Christopher Young


Re: Unity 3.14 Issues on a ICS 7750 SPE310 blade

Issue 1:

Maybe you can put SQL SP2 on if you haven't already. Just a thought...

Issue 2:

Can you be more specific about the netlogon errors in the event log? You might be able to lookup your error(s) on Google.

Netlogon errors usually indicate a DNS issues. Where is the DNS server at? On the Unity blade? When you change Unity from one VLAN to another are you re-IPing it? I assume you are doing more then just plugging the switch in and changing a VLAN config on it. Are you maybe forgetting to change the DNS server address in the process or after changing VLANs does Unity not have a route to the DNS? Usually on a standalone system like the ICS, Unity will run DNS and point to itself.


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