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Unity 3.14 MWI problem

I have an issue with Unity where it would not light a 7960 phone when a voicemail was left for the user. Then it worked a few consecutive times without me making any changes. Now it does not work anymore. All tests comeback positive with the ability for Unity to dial the extension to light the phones. When I run a manual test through Unity I can light the phone also.

I can also dial the MWIon extension and manually light the phone.

When viewing the subscriber page for the end user through SAweb the properties page identifies the lamp as "on" but it is not.

New Member

Re: Unity 3.14 MWI problem

Use the Unity Diagnostic Tool to grab the traces under the "Basic Troubleshooting" section.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 3.14 MWI problem

Adam has a very good starting point. But I wanted to add one more comment. When you manually turn on the MWI lamp by typing in the MWI on code, remember to resynch the light from Unity Admin page. Otherwise it will always be on (or off if you manually turn it off) regardless of whether a new message is left, or if you listen to that new message.

I'd also suggest you setup the scheduled MWI synch as well. This is located under the Switch setting (check out the bottom portion of that page). Go ahead and schedule a nightly resynch. The default time should populate at 1am when the box is checked. Let us know.

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