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unity 3.15 advise on multiple sites

We are installing Unity 3.15 within one exchange organisation. Customer has AD configured , using exchange 5.5 and 2k servers over 3 SITES - will there be an issue here with installing one Unity server to serve all three sites,



ps customer has one org using AD but 3 sites within the org. Servers are both 5.5 and 2k. We will make Unity part of same org.


Re: unity 3.15 advise on multiple sites

Yes there could very well be issues. With the way the product functions today I consider Unity over a WAN to Exchange a very high risk design model.

What kind of bandwidth and latency do you have between these sites? Is the Unity to Exchange traffic going to be prioritized?

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Re: unity 3.15 advise on multiple sites

theres 1mb between the sites. My question was geared towards the exchange topology not the physical locations and the bandwidth between them, i.e 3 SITES within an exchange ORG. However you make some valid points re the design - is there minimum bandwidth requiremnts for Unity between sites?

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Re: unity 3.15 advise on multiple sites

just to clarify my original question can 3 exchange 5.5 servers in their own sites form part of one routing group within exchange, or will they become 3 seperate routing groups.




Re: unity 3.15 advise on multiple sites


I can't answer your routing group question, but getting back to your original question: A single Cisco Unity server can only service subscribers in a single

Exchange 5.5 site, so every Exchange site that will home Cisco Unity

subscribers must have at least one Cisco Unity server. If a customer has

more than one Exchange 5.5 site, Cisco Unity Digital Networking can be set

up so that subscribers in different sites in the organization can communicate

with one another.

That's a direct quote from the Unity Design Guide.

Hope that helps,



Re: unity 3.15 advise on multiple sites

From the Exchange side of this, the limitations of operating a mixed-mode environment include:

-Exchange Server 5.x sites are mapped directly to administrative groups.

-Administrative groups are mapped directly to Exchange 5.x sites.

-Routing group membership must consist only of servers that are installed in the administrative group that is defined with the routing group.

So you will have three routing groups and Unity will not be able to service more than a single routing group.

Check out the Design Guide for information on bandwidth requirements:



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