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Unity 3.15 takes ages to unlock user

It can take up to 12 hours for a user to be unlocked. Can anyone let me know the sequence of events so I can try and narrow down the problem.



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Re: Unity 3.15 takes ages to unlock user

I assume you mean the locout of the voice mail account from over the phone and not a lockout of the NT account when exeeding NT's login attempts... the later is not under our control.

The phone lockout time is controled under the "Account Policy" section in the SA - under the Phone Lockout Policies you indicate how many failed attempts to allow and how long to lock the account out if those attempts are exceeded. By default this is 60 minutes and as an administrator you can unlock the account right away by going to the Account page for that subscriber and clearing the "Cisco Unity accont status locked" flag.

We're just stuffing a timestamp in to that subscriber's SQL record that indicates the next time they'll be allowed to try and log in - once that time has passed they can dial in. There's no series of events (other than someone playing with the clock on the server) that would cause it to wait 12 hours unless you'd set the lockout time to that on the account policy page... or there shouldn't be anyway.

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