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Unity 3.x Clarification

I have a customer running Unity 3.0.3. They are having a few issues. I want to ensure that they have the latest supported updates. I have a couple of options.

I can bring the Unity up to 3.0.4 and ensure that all of the latest service packs are installed. The newest document that I can find on CCO that lists required and optional software for Unity 3.0.4 is from last February!!! Is there an updated list anywhere?

Another option is to upgrade the customer to 3.1x, do I need to get a new key, or is the 3.0 key the same as the 3.1 key. The upgrade docs aren't very clear when it comes to licensing. The customer has a current SAU contract for software upgrades.

Any general recommendations here - 3.0 versus 3.1?


Re: Unity 3.x Clarification

I highly recommend 3.1(5). Version 3.0(4) is the last build in the 3.0 branch so there will be no 3.0(5).

Licensing information:


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Re: Unity 3.x Clarification

Thanks for the info.

How is the upgrade from 3.0x to 3.1.5? I'm assuming it is not as complex as the upgrades from 2.4.6. I am not planning on modifying the licensed features for Unity or changing the connection to the Exchange server (UM with Exchange 2K off-box), The only upgrade will be the Unity software itself. Is there any reconfiguration needed after the upgrade? Any 3.0 info not carried over during the upgrade, like the call routing rules with the 2.4.6 upgrade?

- Tony

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Re: Unity 3.x Clarification

FYI - To correct a bug in 3.0.3, we did a minor upgrade tonight to 3.0.4. Along with the Unity upgrade, we upgraded the CiscoTSP to 6.0.2. I still agree that upgrading to 3.1x will be necessary to aquire the enhanced volume setting tools, failover support, etc. Is there any difference to the upgrade to 3.1.5 compared to the upgrade we just did, besides additional required software?

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