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New Member

UNITY 3.x to 4.x - Is it a bugs ?

Hi !

I got this problems on UNITY from 3.x to 4.x :

- Message store on exchange is configured to "retain" deleted mailbox for 30days.

- A Unity Subscriber is created

- This susbcriber is then deleted

- The User in MS AD is delete and it's associate Exchange MailBox

Laters (hours)

- A Unity Susbcriber is Re-created = with the SAME display name

- A new user is created in MS AD and Exchange (new mailbox).

- MOH dont work (other issue is : user cannot access is message)


Look like UNITY or Exchange get confused somewhere, cause there is an existing "deleted" mailbox with the sample "display name" as a newly created mailbox.

I saw this problems on 2 customers site, where there was Deleted Mailbox retention configured.

Maybe it's a "luck", but, i guess It could be reproduce easely !


Cisco Employee

Re: UNITY 3.x to 4.x - Is it a bugs ?

I'm a little confused - you're saying after you delete this person (their AD account and mailstore) that after a few hours the account returns and then shows up as a subscriber?

That'd be odd... Unity certainly isn't going to spontaneously create new subscribers so there really isn't any way this can be a Unity bug if I'm getting that description right. If, for whatever reason, the AD account is being brought "back to life" and it's still tagged as a Unity subscriber, the directory monitors will pick it up again and put it back in the global subscriber tables...

either that or I'm not understanding your description properly.

New Member

Re: UNITY 3.x to 4.x - Is it a bugs ?

Hi Jeff,

The user (after being deleted) is re-created : Manually .


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