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Unity 4.0.1 Prompts

I would like to customize my Unity install a bit... I need to have multiple Directory handlers, which in itself is not the problem. The problem is what callers will hear for entering the first x letters of whatever. I wish to have one directory handler for callers to reach our staff, and another for callers to be routed to one of our four groups of customer service reps. The callers who need to reach one of our staff members by name would hear the traditional "Spell the last & first names..." but for the callers trying to reach the customer service depts, they should hear something like "Enter the first 3 letters of the account you are trying to reach..."

My thoughts were to replace the default \commserver\Localize\Prompts\ENU\g711\AvAddrSearch\AVAddrSearchENU005.wav

with a blank recording (I understand that this is NOT TAC supported) and have those appropriate different greetings in the call handlers play before they hand the call off to the two directory handlers. Does this sound reasonable?

My second question is if I can modify the prompts that a Unity call handler outputs when it has a call on hold and is trying to reach an extension... Meaning I want to change what the callers hear from "You have been holding for n minute. You are now n in line... To continue holding press 1, to leave a message press 2..." to only let them hear "Press 1 to continue holding or press 2 to leave a message"... I think the file is AvPHGreetENU034.wav... Is this correct and is it possible?



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0.1 Prompts

The problem with your first item is that if the user starts spelling the name following the instructions while hearing the call handler greeting the first digit they enter will be lost since the directory handler that needs to be collecting it will not be active - this sounds like more of a problem than a help here. I don't think I'd go down that path if it were me - you'll get a lot of complaints about folks not finding the user they want. I would probably go with trying to make the speling prompts generic enough to work for both scenarios or rethinking your approach to call routing here.

For your second item, you'll want to use blank prompts for:

AvPHGreetENU100 "You have been holding for less than 1 minute"

AvPHGreetENU101 "You have been holding for 1 minutes."

and so on through AVPHGreetENU161 which is "You have been holding for more than 60 minutes"

And also use blank prompts for:

AVPHGreetENU300 "You are now first in line"

AVPHGreet ENU301 "There is now 1 call waiitng ahead of you"

and so on through aVPHGreetENU401 which is "There are now more than 100 calls waiting ahead of you".

Of course you couldn't have more than 100 calls waiting ahead of you but hey... if you want to be super-safe. That's a lot of prompts to copy over with a blank one but that will do what you want it to since the phrase you want edited is made up of 3 prompts in total so you can't get away with just editing the AvPHGreetENU034.wav.

You can check out the PROMPT.INI file for a complete listing of the prompts in each directory (The AVPHGreet directory in this case) - give you a little better idea what's going on.

New Member

Re: Unity 4.0.1 Prompts


Thanks for the quick response. I have an idea for the first problem. Rather than a blank greeting for the directory handlers, perhaps I could use a recorded beep and have my call handlers just say "After the beep, enter the first n letters of the person... " for the one and "After the beep, enter the first 3 letters of your account number..." for the other one. What do you think about this?

For the second issue, thanks for the info about the prompt.ini... very helpful, indeed. I actually think that it would be fine to let them hear where they are in the queue and how long they have waited... I do, however, want to take away the temptation for callers to try a different extension... If they don't hear it, they probably won't try it...I'm willing to take that risk. Is there a way that can be done? Basically I want the phrase to go like this: AvPHGreetENU1xx, AVPHGreetENU3xx, then AvPHGreetENU034 would say "To continue holding, press 1. To leave a message, press 2." In this case, can AvPHGreetENU034 be modified appropriately?

Off topic, I have to say that I absolutely love Unity... The power and flexability are beyond what I had imagined... Well done on an excellent product.



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