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Unity 4.0(2) Adding Subscriber issue

Hey group,

Is there a reason why I wouldn't be able to find an account or alias when I import from Exchange 2k when adding a subscriber? In particular, my account won't show up when I add a new subscriber and then "import existing exchange user." My user account and mailbox are all working fine, I have no problem importing other subscribers from Exchange.. I dont really know where to start on this one.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Unity 4.0(2) Adding Subscriber issue

One of the more common reasons for this is if the user had been a subscriber in the past and was removed imroperly or the Unity server was taken out of service - you would then need to clean the Unity properties off that user with the "Remove Subscriber Properties" tools found in the Tools Depot or downloaded off

You can also try using the Global Subscriber Manager to import the user just to be sure it's not something odd with the directory filters the SA uses (GSM uses a different method of iterating over the users/containers in AD).

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Re: Unity 4.0(2) Adding Subscriber issue

What would be the problem is I go to add a new subscriber - Look up by First or Last Name and it does not show up even though the person is in the GAL and is working fine in Exchange 5.5.

This is not for all user but only 2. How does the adding subscribers tool work? Does it search all Exchange servers that it can find out there? or does it only search what you have attached to before while you were in the Exchange 5.5 Admin tool?

The Exchange Admin says that everything is the same with all users. I work at a secured facility so I have to relay any information that you can offer.


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Re: Unity 4.0(2) Adding Subscriber issue

In the case of exchange 5.5 it'll search for all subscribers in the same Exchange site that Unity is installed in - it doesn't filter out based on server association or the like.

The most common reasons for this are that the users were subscribers before and not properly cleaned (as noted earlier in the thread) or that the accounts don't have the "allow rich text" property set to 1 - this property is over loaded in Exchange land and also indicates that the user should allow MAPI logins to their mailbox which Unity needs to gain access to their mailbox - without this we can't import them as users.

To check for the rich text property, open Exchange in raw mode (use the -r command line option) and open one of these two user's with the "view raw properties" option. Look for the allow rich text property and see if it's set to 1 - if not, force it to be one and try importing them again.

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Re: Unity 4.0(2) Adding Subscriber issue

Thanks Man! Worked like a champ.

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