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Unity 4.0(2) Failover Licensing

I had a clean installation of Unity 4.0(2) on the primary server. The licensing shows the failover license, as well as 200 UM subscribers, 16 ports, and 2 RealSpeak. It has a clean integration with CallManager 3.3(2).

I installed a second server for failover. The failover config wizard ran successfully on both servers, but the licensing did not replicate. The failover monitor shows the active/inactive communication, but the secondary server still shows the default licenses.

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Re: Unity 4.0(2) Failover Licensing

Some additional information:

With Unity 4.0, should there be a replication publication on the primary SQL and a subscription on the secondary SQL? I don't see them on my servers. The subscriber still shows the default licensing.

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Re: Unity 4.0(2) Failover Licensing

If you don't see a publication database on the primary server, this indicates that UnityDB database replication has not been configured successfully when you ran the Failover config wizard. Hence Licensing information hasn't replicated to the secondary server.

Can you re-run the failover config wizard on the secondary server one more time and check whether SQL replication is configured? Check for errors when you run this wizard. If the wizard completed successfully, on the secondary server, open Query Analyzer and check that the contents of the "SystemState" table match the contents in the above table on the primary server.

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Re: Unity 4.0(2) Failover Licensing

I had already done that without any luck.

I had to go one step further. I had to remove any traces of the failover from both the primary and secondary servers and then re-run the wizard on both servers.

Here is where I think I ran into the problem...

The 4.0(2) installation documentation states that, if configuring failover, you must change the SQL Server accounts (MSSQLSERVER and SQLSERVERAGENT) to a domain account with certain rights. This account must be the same on both servers. This was done and the services correctly restarted. During the failover config, you select a failover account. I was not able to select the same account used for the SQL services due to a bug with the failover wizard when selecting the domain for the account. Since there is no requirement to use the same account as the SQL services account, I used a different domain account that has the rights required by the failover wizard. We ran into a problem with the failover wizard on the second server not being able to delete duplicate directory objects. We had to go back to the SQL services and change the service LOG ON AS accounts to the same account we are using for failover. Once that occurred, and all of the failover was removed and reconfigured, it worked.

My recommendation is to use the UnityInstall account for the SQL services account as well as the failover account. Does anyone see a problem with this?

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