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Unity 4.0.3 and Domino Operation Issues

We have recently built a Unified Messaging system, integrated to Lotus Domino R6. On the whole it has been a very succesfull installation and works really well apart from one issue. When the Notes server reboots, for whatever reason, Unity fails to reconnect to it. The only way we have found to get round this is to reboot the Unity server. Has anyone else had this issue, or does anyone know of a workaround for this?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0.3 and Domino Operation Issues

I assume by "Notes server" you mean the Domino server? And what aspect of Unity fails to reconnect?

Do you mean subscriber's hear FailSafe when attempting to log into their mailbox? Or do notifications not work because the Domino Monitor is not connecting with the DUCS notification task on the Domino box? Those would be two very different troubleshooting paths.

If Fail Safe is being given there ought to be warnings and/or errors in the Application Event Log. Looking at those entries from just before the problem state ocurrs to after the problem occurs will give you some direction as to the state of Unity.

Activating the NotesCommon diags along with the Error diags for whatever component(s)are causing problems (MaLLn, DominoMonitor, DsDomino, UMR, etc) will capture additional information on the root cause of the problem.

Lastly, if you have not applied any of the Engineering Specials for 4.0(3), please do so ASAP. There are several important bug fixes in those patches. TAC can obtains those for you if you don't know where to get them yourself. They are NOT on CCO.

Community Member

Re: Unity 4.0.3 and Domino Operation Issues

I beleive it is the relationship between the Domino monitor and DUCS. We don't get the Fail Safe message, just the notifications not working.

I am logging a TAC case to get the Engineering Special now. I will probably apply this and then troubleshoot further should this not fix it.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.0.3 and Domino Operation Issues

Check out this post and the reply as well:

The problem you are experiencing may be the same. The issue is captured in the Release Note of bug CSCeb20635.

Community Member

Re: Unity 4.0.3 and Domino Operation Issues

Thanks for that. I don't believe this is the problem I am experiencing though, as when the Domino server is on line everything is fine, it's only when the Domino server is rebooted, we start experiencing MWI delays etc. I logged a TAC case today and got ES 6,7 and 13 sent to me. The description of 13 seemed very apt and I think it is the bug I have been hitting.

I'll update the post when I've left it long enough to see if it has made a difference.

Thanks again

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